Monday, May 31, 2010

Catching Up with Everyone

Hi Furiends,
Hope you had a GGRRRT weekend.
Wishing all our American furiends a Happy 'Memorial Day' Holiday.

Mummy has not been able to find much time to help us of late and we have lagged behind very badly in reading all your stories. So, after a nice long chat with her, we decided today that we will take a break from writing about us and use the time to visit everybody.
We miss reading your daily stories. They are always so full of energy and life.
We also feel bad when we miss wishing someone good-luck when they are unwell or going through a bad time.
So, we are going to try and catch up.
For today, we leave you with these pictures of ours.

Pictures of us sleeping together are very special for Mummy. Especially of Buddy sleeping on the couch.

During the first few days after he came home, he was very confused and apologetic about getting up on the couch. I didnot help any. Honestly, I was very possesive about my domain and was not exactly happy to share my home and family with him after three long years of being an ONLY-Doll!
He understood, I guess. He never ever tried to be overbearing or demanding. He would look doleful everytime he saw me curling up on the couch, would come and put his chin in a corner, as if to ask-'Can I get up too, please?'
Mummy would always hug us both and explain that he is Family now and can do all the things that I did, if he wanted to.
It took us both a while, but we understood.
And although I think he behaves like a complete..hmm..uh..jackass sometimes(I mean, does he have to jump up even from his sleep to fetch that toy the moment he is asked to??!!Honestly), I actually love him and am very glad he came to live with us. We always stick together now. All the time. For everything.

Mummy says she just added an extra 'S' to my name: 'Mummy's Dolls'


Friday, May 28, 2010


You cannot really outgrow Fairy-Tales and Cartoon strip characters, can you?
Your eyes never fail to light up whenever you come across Snow-white and her adorable dwarfs, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and the numerous prince and princesses, be it in a children-book, a poster or the label on a bottle of Honey (imploring you to buy it because Pooh Bear recommends it!)

Lewis Carroll and his story of Alice falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland has been and will be a strong favourite with us. Which right minded Dawg wouldn’t love Wonderland?
Imagine being able to run free and wild in that beautiful land, not to speak of running after a March-Hare, door-mice, bumble-bees and a SMILING(!) Cat.

Considering that I am almost 5 and Ginger is almost 4 (which is 35 and 28 years in Human-Years), we thought we would be over this story by now. In fact there have been insinuating remarks from a few acquaintances about the maturity levels (or the lack of it!) in our family because we all (Mummy and Daddy included) love Fairies and Butterflies and Pink Clouds and Blue-caterpillars and Lavender Roses!!

But we couldn’t care less. Mummy says Fairy-Tales epitomises the child in you and there is nothing wrong in preserving a little bit of that. In fact, it makes you happier.

We dawgs, we think are much better at doing that than hoomans. Don’t we always find joy in the simplest and littlest of things in life?
So you guys can imagine our joy when Mummy told us we were going to watch ‘Alice in Wonderland’ today.
Our all time favourite story in a movie!!

We enjoyed it very, very much and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who loves Lewis Caroll.
We even liked the Cheshire cat in the movie.

Mummy loved the Mad Hatter the best. We think he was pretty good too. She would have loved him even if he wasn’t, for the express reason that Johnny Depp portrayed this character! She thinks Depp is always wonderful portraying all eccentric, weird, difficult and wondrous characters.
Well, she thinks Depp is always wonderful, Period.

Anne Hathaway looks Oh! So lovely as the White Queen. Mummy is still Ooohing and Ahhhing over her gowns!

Mia as Alice, of course, was just perfect!

You cannot forget the Blue catter-pillar. He is so overbearing, reminds you of Professor Snape and that depressed robot in 'The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy'!!
We loved the colourful, outrageously imaginary images of Wonderland.
Like in Alice’s dreams, these images are going to be in our memory forever.

In fact, after the movie, Mummy is in such a wistful frame of mind we thought she would like this picture.

Believe in the Fairies
that make Dreams come true.

Believe in the wonder of the Star and the Moon,
Believe in the Magic
from the Fairies Above,
They dance on the flowers

and sing songs of Love,

And if you just believe and always stay true,
The Fairies will be there to watch over You.

The above picture and the poem that accompanies it is from a poster she plans to get framed but is currently safely preserved in her store-room like many others!
All the other pictures were sniffed out by Google. Hope you like them and they inspire you to watch the movie soon, if you haven't already!



Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hi Furiends,
Today’s colour is CREAM.

From what we read, the colour cream is considered synonymous with various shades of beige, buff, camel, oatmeal, tan, sand, biscuit, cream, ecru, mushroom.
We found Cream a rather difficult colour to photograph.The flash-light makes it look pale and dull, whereas in real life it actually looks quite dignified and elegant.

Especially a combination of GREY,BABY PINK and CREAM, Mummy thinks is very beautiful and feminine.
Anyway, we tried all we could and here is what we could do.

Hope you like them.

(Conch Shell in cream and a perfumed candle)

(Mummy's Cream Bean-Bag and our cream stuffy-cushion)

(Shades of Cream in Buddy's fur)

(Delicious Butter in Mummy's Cream Ceramic Butter bowl)

(Shades of Cream in Mummy's book-shelf)

(Our Cream fur-conditioner)

(Daddy's conch key-chain,his name hand-etched on it)

(Mummy's Cream wall-mount shelf)

Keep wagging,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Mummy found this very interesting Meme called ‘Face of The Week’ just a few days back in this lovely blog called 'Spacial Peepol'. Actually she stumbled on it via another very beautiful blog which many of you might already be familiar with...''Jabblog'
Mummy has played on just one occasion, that is when we once let her take time-off from her job as ‘Typist and Editor’ of our blog!

Her enthusiasm has rubbed off onto us. And we are playing today too…!

We unanimously voted for 'TIGGER' as our FACE OF THE WEEK.

He epitomises our love for stuffies. And he is a bouncy, happy stuffy, with a zeal for life, so like us Labra-Dawgs.
Besides that he reminds us of 'STRIPEY- the Indian Tiger-Cub'

The tigers in India are in the Red List of Endangered species. It is a shame because the Tiger is our National animal.
Did you know? There are only just 1411 tigers left in the Indian Jungles. And this figure includes even the Royal Bengal Tigers found exclusively in the Sunderban Delta, (the largest Delta in the world) in an eastern state of our country, called West Bengal.

It makes us feel very, very sad.

Our heart goes out to Stripey who is so lonely, scared and lost in the wild, dark jungle.
Please do take a moment to visit him HERE. We are sure you will empathise with us.

Doesn’t he look exactly like ‘TIGGER’, our ‘Face of The Week’?



Pee Ess: Mummy too is playing today. You can check out her ‘Face of the Week’ HERE if you want to.


What do you do when you want to go on a holiday and can’t see any chance of one in the near future?

We Labra-Dawgs don’t sulk. We are like forever happy! So keeping in tune with our character, we decided the best thing to do would be to reminisce about one we enjoyed earlier.
When I say we I mean me- Ginger, Mummy and Daddy. Buddy hadn’t yet come to live with us when we went on this trip I want to tell you about.
This holiday was really special for me, because I saw the Sea for the very first time.
We live pretty far away from the coastline and though we all love water, it isn’t possible for us to go on these trips frequently.
So this trip was extra special.

It was morning when we reached our beach. We had been travelling all night and were pretty tired. So when Mummy said ‘We are here, Gin-gin’, I was relieved.
‘Oh, Thank dog, I can catch up on my sleep now’, I thought. My eyelids were drooping!
But as soon as she let me down from the car, I could smell something very different in the air.

Sniff, sniff….SNIFF.

I was super excited now, I’d never smelt something like this. So many pee-mails, all so different! And what is with the ground? Sand and sand and more sand everywhere. My paws sank in and I made Mummy laugh because I was walking funny!
And then I saw it….that vast stretch of water, gurgling and whoosing, and the never ending sand for miles!

I rushed in, all wobbly and funny till suddenly this huge wave came rolling towards me.
My Gosh! I stepped back, a little scared.

The sand now felt firmer, the water cold and I tested it marching up and down along the waterline. Mummy and Daddy found all this rather funny.

Daddy went straight to the sea, beckoning me to follow him.
'What? You are not even going to change? What about breakfast? And can’t you see how tired and sleep-deprived I am?'
But no amount of doleful pleading could cover up my apprehension.
And can you believe it?
Daddy actually carried me, a labradudette, and jumped into the sea!!!
‘The indignity’, I thought, wriggling, protesting!

(Swimming lessons in the sea)
But then, the moment we hit the water, my apprehension was gone.
And I discovered what the sea was all about.
We had friends with us. Mummy and Daddy’s human friends and their Labradude Mogli and Labradudette Krazy.
Krazy and Mogli had been to the sea earlier and were used to the waves. They too helped me get over my trepidation.
As the hours passed, I slowly understood why Mummy loves the sea so much.
We had fun- running in the sand, digging for shells, finding crabs and watching the fisherman bringing in their boats full of freshly caught fish.

(Krazy and Me)

(Cooling off with daddy)


(Ice-cream break)

(Racing Mummy!)

(I won!)

(Finally!Lounging...watchin the sea)

(Who's browner? Didn't know a Labradudette can get tanned!)

(See that pile on the left? That is just ONE fishing net!)

(The fishermen,hauling in their boat)

In the evening, we took long walks on the shore, testing the water bare-paw, feeling the cool breeze and taking in the soothing sound of the waves rolling.


The sea brings out the poet in you, makes you feel in tune with nature. But since I am no good at poetry, I need to borrow someone else’s words to tell you what I could feel.

I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky; and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by’.
-John Masefield

It was too short a trip, if you ask me. Just two days. Mummy says we will go back, this time with Buddy. The athelete that he is, he sure would love to run on the beach and swim against the waves.