Monday, January 31, 2011

Shadows, Reflections and Skies



Our favourite rocky garden is a lovely place to get some pawfect Shadow Shots.
If only Mummy would get up early in the morning! We could have watched the changing moods of the skies during sunrise here.
But this beautiful clear blue sky, late on a sunny morning, appears no less glorious.


And then, of course, there are these reflections on the car window.
The sun is so bright and crisp, the reflected colours are almost as pawfect as the original ones.
(If they do not appear good enough, we assure you it is because Mummy was in a hurry to go home after a rather tiring and hot walk and did not take care to click a better picture!!)


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Ginger, Buddy and Shadow

Sunday, January 30, 2011


It is weekend. In fact, half of Sunday is gone already.

It has been a whirlwind week.

Everyone has been just Busy, Busy, Busy! And consequently, tired.






We have been trying to keep up with reading your blogs but have hardly been leaving many comments.

We try to, but we are just too pooped out at the end of the day.



(I’m trying but I just can’t keep my eyes open a second longer)








Really sorry about that.

We do hope to be able to catch up in a few more days.


It has been worth it, though, in a way. Because many important things involved in our move to Delhi are getting settled.

It is quite a relief.


It is already very hot here and certainly no longer winter, though according to the calendar it is only just the end of January.

Yesterday was the most tiring of all days.

Daddy had to spend the entire day at the police station.


Oh! Don’t worry. He wasn’t in any trouble or anything.

You see, we might be selling our car. Nothing has been finalised but we might just sell it off here and go get a new one in Delhi.

Now, you need to get a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the State transport authorities for that, stating that there aren’t any dues or fines or cases pending against the vehicle you want to sell.


And just when Daddy needed to submit the original papers, he realised the Registration certificate was missing!!

All of us looked and looked and looked all over the house but we just couldn’t find it.

We found a number of ‘lost-since-time-immemorial’ things, which was all very good.

But that didn’t serve the purpose. The authorities just wouldn’t accept an application for an NOC without the original RC.


Daddy was convinced Mummy had kept it some place too safe and Mummy almost swore never to have ever laid her eyes on such a document!! (Note: the car is registered in Mummy’s name!!!)

No one pointed any fingers at us, but we would like you to know that we never ever fiddle with any important documents, even if something has been left lying about un-attended.

Yes, we do like to tear up cartons and stuff, but important papers? NEVER.




Ultimately, Daddy had to go apply for a duplicate to be issued. For that he needed to file a police complaint saying that original was lost.

The police were very, very sympathetic and co-operative but it took them forever to clear the formalities because they are just too busy!

Daddy sat there in the police-station and watched sad-faced detainees behind bars being interrogated, just like it happens in the movies!


Finally, the duplicate got issued and the transport authorities accepted our application. The NOC is supposed to come home by post in about a week. And then, if we decide to, we can sell off our car.

Thank Dogness, one job well done!


Today morning, we were getting ready to go out for a drive and Mummy looked in her purse to check if she had any cash inside.

And guess what???

There it was, the ORIGINAL RC!!!


None of us has ANY idea at all how it got inside her purse.

We haven’t yet figured out how to open Mummy’s purse though we always try to. So it couldn’t have been any of us who put it there.

Daddy believes Mummy missed it the day we were all looking for it and Mummy swears she NEVER saw it there before today morning.

And she had used this purse only just yesterday!!


Daddy vehemently denies ever getting near her purse. The question of his putting it there doesn’t arise, he says.

So the only solution to the mystery is that there lives a poltergeist in our home we cannot see!!

Daddy has named him ‘G’ and he swears it has nothing to do with Mummy’s name being Geetu!


Oh Yeah!

We believe you, Daddy!


Now we only need to catch that poltergeist before he hides any more papers!



Ginger, Buddy n Shadow



Pee ess:

Mummy writes under the pen name ‘Aksharaa’, she has always been, much before she started helping us write this blog. She just loves this name which means ‘alphabets’ in Hindi.

Talking of pen-names, there is someone very famous we would like to talk about. We will try and post sometime soon.


Do you know of any interesting or famous pen-names?

Wags, Ginger



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HAPPEEEE Republic Day: Almost Wordless Wed





Saluting those fallen,
Taking pride in being a citizen of the renascent, new India,
Rejoicing in the celebration of our 62nd Republic Day,

Ginger, Buddy and Shadow

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


luggage blue 

It is time.
We have started the process of packing to move to Delhi.
And from the looks of it, it is going to be quite a process!!
There are heaps of paper work, heaps of things to be packed and lots more to be disposed off .
The pictures below aptly illustrates the state Mummy and Daddy are in right now!!



We decided to take matters into our paws and arrange for some de-stressing time.

In our family, music is something we all turn to as a stress-buster.
You will always find something playing, irrespective of the hour you turn up at our home.

Now, if Daddy had his way, it would be Guns and Roses, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones or something as chaotic similar blasting away!
But fortunately, he doesn’t get his way!
In this matter, he is simply overruled by a vast majority!! 
Therefore, at most times it is some soothing, old classical or soft Blue tones that emanates from our speakers!

We pups especially prefer ‘The Blues’. They never fail to lull us to a peaceful sleep in the midst of chaos and even fire-works outside!
And they seem to help Mummy’s migraines too.

Well, for the last two days Mummy has been rather tired and ‘headachey’.
We decided a serious music session was in order to help de-stress everyone.

You probably do not know but Ginger is quite a composer. She has these moments of deep deliberation and revelation, time and again.
She doesn’t like to be disturbed then and quite prefers to be left alone to her musings.



Daddy, of course, gladly puts music into her lyrics.

(That is off-tune, Daddy. Needs adjusting…)

(Yeah, That’s better!)

I, Buddy, have always been the lead vocalist while Shadow, very deftly edits and records all our efforts.



And Oh! You might be wondering where Mummy fits in.
Well, you do need an appreciative listener, don’t you?

Here is a sample of our recording session. Please tell us what you think of it.

Jam Session




Ginger, Buddy and Shadow

Friday, January 21, 2011



Remember a promise I, Buddy, had made 10000 years ago?

To tell you about a TOTALLY EPIC (in Bookerman’s words) walk?

Well, finally I get to tell you about my adventure.


You won’t believe me if I told you what I almost caught on our morning walk the other day.

Not a lizard, not a squirrel but……….

A HARE!!!!


Yes, a big, fat, bouncy hare!

I ALMOST, ALMOST, ALMOST caught it, I was THIS close.

It must have been a really lazy hare because it was very, very slow and fat!


Oh! What a prize it would have been!!

Me, a City Dog, catching a Hare!

It would have been a dream-come-true event!


But as luck would have it, after chasing it for nearly 1232432 miles, I lost it because it disappeared down a rabbit hole…err…hare hole, if you would like.


I really don’t know what Lewis Carroll was thinking but let me tell you, in real life, hare holes aren’t even big enough for a dawg to get in, forget a fully grown human called Alice!

Try as I might, I just couldn’t follow him in. Neither could Ginger and not even our little puppy brother who tried to help me get in.

And there, my dream prize was gone!!!


During those days when Daddy had deserted us gone to Delhi, Mummy took us to the glorious rock- forest for our morning walks.

This rocky place is like our own private garden.


Well, alright. It is much a wee bit bigger for a garden but definitely private. Mummy prefers to take us there because, except for a stray human or two, we hardly encounter anyone.

We, of course, are delighted!

Not only is the landscape extremely explorable, the place is teeming with the largest collection of critters a Dog can dream of chasing!

Squirrels and lizards are routine ‘encountees’. But that hare was a very, very special find!


If only mummy had her camera with her that day…

But unfortunately, she finds it very difficult to carry her camera along on days she takes us walking without Daddy.

You see, she has only 2 paws and we are 3 very active pups.

(Well, she has 4 paws but 2 are of no use except for trying to catch up with us and she doesn’t do that very well, either!)


Anyway, the point is that she did not have her camera that day and that epic moment is lost for eternity.

You just have to take my word that this hare looked like this.




Ok. Like this actually, but way fatter and slower!





I am rather doubtful that I will ever encounter a big, fat, lazy hare and get SO, SO close to one ever again. Sigh!

I don’t have any pictures of that day, but recently we went there again and I do have some pictures from then.


























 (Slow Mummy made it to the top at last!!)







( Taking a breather)





Hope you all got to go on a nice walk too.