Friday, July 8, 2011

Shadow is ONE and Ginger is FIVE!!!

How time flies!
Our little puppy boy is one already?
We do not exactly know when Shadow was born. Counting back from the day we found him, when his estimated age was about four months, his birthday ought to be around sometime now, that is the first week of July.
Now, is that just coincidence or is it destiny?
9th of July is Ginger’s birthday! And she thinks it would be just absolutely wonderful to share her birthday with Shadow.
So here we are, all set to wish SHADOW a very very HAPPY FIRST Birthday just as the clock strikes 12 tonight!
And of course, HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to GINGER too!

Mummy promises to get back home as early as she can tomorrow so we can do something special.
We already went for a special walkie today, just in case she gets back home after dark and it is too late to go to this BIG park we so love.
Oh! We haven’t told you about our parks yet. Well, we haven’t told you about of lot of other stuff we have been dying to tell you.
Ok, there is this BIG park close by we really enjoy going to.
And today evening, we went there for an extra special walkie as a pre-birthday treat.
It was drizzling…the monsoon rains are here…the wind felt nice and cool and we had the entire park to ourselves.
Well, almost. There were a few strays around but we made it clear to them that we wanted an uninterrupted walk.

We LOVE the rain. Mummy usually wouldn’t let us get wet that often for the fear of us catching a bug or two. But I guess today she couldn’t resist the rain either.
We got all wet and muddy, chased a few storks, raced to our heart’s content and drove back home,hanging out of the window, enjoying the wind and the rain on our faces…
Dinner was a routine affair but we hear Mummy is baking us a cake and getting some special treats for Ginger and Shadow’s birthday tomorrow.
And maybe we will get to go on another special walk.

We feel so blessed Shadow is a part of our family today. He is such a wonderful boy.
We had assumed earlier that he would grow up thinking he was an yellow labradog. But it didn’t take very long for us to realise that he is very himself…a distinct personality even as a tiny little puppy.

(Shadow, on the street. His first picture)

(First Bath)

(First car ride)

(First Walk)

(Puppy Training)


(He is still rather silly sometimes!!)

Every day we marvel at the puppy he is, so self assured and yet so loving, giving and vulnerable.
Every day, we wake up to his gentle nibbling and pawing or his wet nose on our faces…he is almost always the first to be up….wondering if he will ever grow out of his puppy antics and wishing at the same time that he never will.



We treasure you, little Shadow. We love you heaps and bunches and secretly hope you’ll NEVER grow up!!
 Have a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you too Ginger. You are the sweeetest girl imaginable...

Each day, we are amazed by your sensitivity, your caring ways, your wisdom and acceptance.
We think you are a very, very special girl and that we are fortunate you are a part of our family. 

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It is difficult to imagine that you are five already. But then, sometimes, it just feels like we have known you and you us, for eternity….
You always understand so well…

Extra birthday hugs to you both,
Buddy, Mummy and Daddy

Pee pee ess: Thank you so very much, Dear Friends for your kind words for our friend Krazie. We feel so much better knowing so many wishes lit up her path as she travelled across the bridge…