Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Woes…

Look what I have to endure these days!



The dermatologist told me it is ‘Dermatophytosis’. In English, that means a type of fungal infection of the skin.
The weather has been fluctuating between humid and dry. And my skin being of a very dry and allergic type hasn’t helped matters any.
And then the fact remains that I love to play around and dig and hunt for squirrels and lizards. Of course, we wash up after every outing but somehow the little fungi seem to like my skin too much.
Mummy isn’t letting me dig and delve into sand and mud anymore, but I do get to run free and chase the critters.
What would a Dawg’s life would be without these? Mummy says she won’t deny us pups any of the natural pleasures that make us smile, and that too for a few microscopic Dermatophytes!
Mummy and I have an agreement. If I am a good boy and follow the instructions on the bandage, I won’t need to wear the dreaded ‘collar of shame’.
Well, anything is better than that collar. So I just let them be and leave them alone the entire night!!
Me, the Champion chewer of the family!
Mummy says she is VERY proud of me.
A tad miffed, though,


Hello Friends,
We have been dying to get back to blogging and were almost ready to post this two days back. But Mummy got urgently busy with this.
Yes, those are her student’s answer sheets that supposedly needed to be evaluated and submitted by today. Is it our fault that she had been slacking?
Well, at last they are all done and submitted. So here we are…
Daddy’s Back! Daddy’s back! Daddy’s back!....Wag..wag…wag…wag….
After being away for 324516 centuries, he finally came back late on Christmas evening. In our eagerness to get him home back as soon as possible, we reached the airport way too early. They don’t let you wait there, so Mummy drove us around at 0.00000012 kilometres per hour and clicked some photographs as we counted the seconds.




Now, we aren’t very sure if we like or dislike this place. We love the drive, the greenery and the wide spaces around but whenever we come here either Mummy or Daddy disappears into it and is gone for days. Then again, it is here that they re-appear.
This time, this place had sent off Daddy to Delhi.
Aah Delhi! Our favouritest most city in the whole wide world. And guess what? We are finally shifting back there soon.
Yes! It is final. We can tell you now. We are going to Delhi – bag, bones and baggage!
Ok. Sorry. We are getting ahead of the story.
We must try and tell it properly.
When Mummy and Daddy had come here to Hyderabad, they promised themselves they would be back in Delhi within the next 6 months. And that was 5 years ago!...BOL…BOL…!
So you can imagine how ecstatic they feel now about being able to finally move back.
For Daddy, Delhi is home. It is the city he was born in, grew up in and learned his life lessons in. It is definitely the place that lights up his face.
For Mummy though, Delhi holds a different meaning. She doesn’t just love the city, she is entirely and totally in love with it! She loves what she calls ‘the Delhi-ness’ of Delhi, something that is unique and cannot be found in any other place in our vast country.
The city never fails to inspire creativity. There is always something waiting to be captured in a painting, words or a photograph…joy, vibrancy, colours and life.
She loves the anonymity that is a part of large cities...the way you can just walk around with your coffee or ice-cream or sit quietly somewhere and lose yourself amidst all the busy hustle-bustle. She loves to watch the world pass by, different people, different lives, the faces of strangers - the joy, regret, anger, love, contempt, acts of compassion, camaraderie they portray, something that touches you everyday and something that you can take back with you to be remembered fondly.
It is something you can never ever do in Hyderabad. Like weeds that grow in a beautiful garden, everything around is just un-planned and has an air of disturbed restlessness. You just want to get back home to your own abode of peace and quiet. But we don’t want to talk about that now and spoil our mood.
We mustn’t forget to tell you about another aspect that makes us love Delhi- the legendary Delhi-Food.
The city isn’t called the ‘Food capital’ of our country for nothing. You name it, you get it. And you don’t really need to find restaurants that serve tasty food. The fact is, they serve absolutely scrumptious food just about everywhere and anywhere. You just got to go and start eating!
And of course the markets, the shopping experiences…they are just too exciting!
Well, we can go on and on. But what we want to tell you is that we are just too glad to be going back there.
It will still be sometime before we actually move, maybe next April. Mummy and Daddy have resigned and are in the notice period. The hospital isn’t very forthcoming with letting them go and there is bound to be some serious struggle to get that very important relieving order. But we are hoping everything will work out soon.
There are just heaps and heaps of things to be done before we leave. We cannot even begin to imagine how mummy is going to go through all the cupboards and stuff and get everything packed. She plans to sell off almost everything possible and donate the rest.
Selling off things is bound to be much more difficult than just shipping off everything to Delhi. But we have a sneaking suspicion she is not about to let this chance to get new stuff- right from the cooking stove to cutlery- pass by!
This moving business is going to entirely change our lives. Though it will mean a lot of new adjustments, we are just too eager to go ahead with it. Mummy says no adjustment is too great because we are going some place that makes us happy. And that is the main thing in life…to be just happy.
Now you know what had taken Daddy away from us for so long. He had gone to check on a few things and according to what he tells us; there will be many more of these trips before we actually leave.
We hate it when Daddy is gone and miss him very much.
And so does Mummy.
Poor Mummy! Not only is there no one to listen to her incessant chatter (tee hee heee…) but also it is a monumental task for her managing everything alone – the shopping, home, cooking, work and not to forget us Pups. We were, of course, on our pawfect behaviour all throughout and never troubled her one bit.
Even our little puppy brother seems to have matured over the last few days. But then, we are very energetic and active pups, and all the activity totally took up all her days.
We decided it would be sensible to take up a few projects to utilise our time alone wisely and make the days pass by faster.
I, Ginger, had gained some weight after my last estrus cycle and Buddy definitely is heftier post his Diwali binging spree. Of course, the lesser said about Mummy’s measurements, the better!!!!
We decided it was time to get back in shape. The weather is cooler and you can easily run for miles now. So every morning all of us jogged and played and walked till we were sweating out of every pore of our skin…err…tongue. The result is I and Buddy are in the ‘Ideal weight’ category again! I need to work out a little more for that lean look but Buddy looks just pawfect.
Mummy has a horrible sun-burned skin now- she is very prone to it- but she says she doesn’t mind getting burnt to a cinder if it means getting us Pups back in shape!
There is however one fact that compensates for the tan…Mummy fits into her old denims again!
With our baby brother Shadow, however, it is another story.
Mummy has been stuffing him with three majorly major meals ( we get just two, and only major!) and larger portions of in-between snacks hoping to fatten him up into a cuddly, soft puppy toy. We don’t think her dream is ever going to come true because all that morning and evening exercise is making him grow into a sturdy, lean boy. Cuddly and ever so adorable he still is, but fat and soft, he will never be at this rate! Poor Mummy!
Anyway, it felt wonderful to have Daddy back after ages. And of course, he brought back loads of goodies too.
Scarves that Mummy has been longing for. She loves them so much, we are surprised she isn’t wearing them to bed…Tee heee hee!
..Ahh.ha..don’t you just love this bag! Large enough for Mummy to carry our treats in!
Those boxes are full of heaps of delectable goodies. Trust us, they are the Best in the country! We sampled them.
All three of us eagerly offered to help Mummy finish those but she very rudely said ‘No, Thanks’.
Fine. We were only worried she would outgrow her jeans again.
Anyway, we got our own new harnesses and a huge treasure chest of bones. Look!
Yes! Those are exclusively ours. Look what the bag says.
They are right indeed! We ARE very Happy Dogs at the moment.
Buddy, Ginger and Shadow.
Pee ess:
Thank you very much for all your Christmas wishes. We are trying our best to visit you and reply to all your mails. Mummy has been terrible about taking care of our mails lately. But it is still holiday season and the New Year is in the offing. And we hope to be able to send off our wishes to all our friends soon. And we also hope to be able to get back to blogging properly. We miss everyone…

Saturday, December 25, 2010

We Wish u A MERRY Christmas

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We know we haven't been around much in the bloggie world for some time now. But we think of you each day and yearn to be back in action.
A lot has been happening at our end. No, nothing bad. Just some life changing events. Will tell you all about it some time soon.

For now, We wish you, our Dear Friends, Heaps of Holiday Cheer.

Wags, love and licks,
Ginger, Buddy and Shadow

Friday, December 10, 2010


Spot the difference.

Could you?
Yeps! Those two extra wooden balls on the left slipper.

Why do you need wooden balls on slippers? Besides, I thinks they are on the wrong acupuncture points and will make Mummy’s feet ache.
Don’t worry. I is working on them.
And I should be done soon.

I has successfully de-balled the right slipper but all that hard work has left me rather tired.
A nap is in order now.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

My First ‘Life Lessons’

‘U’ is for ‘US’
US – I, Shadow, my big brother Buddy, my big sister Ginger, Mummy and Daddy
I don’t exactly remember when I first met Mummy. I must have been just about 31/2 to 4 months old then.

When I followed her home and found Ginger and Buddy at her gate, I knew I had found a place where I’d like to stay furever.


Though I couldn’t stop wagging at Ginger & Buddy and them at me, I was, at first, rather intimidated by them.
They seemed so big and had such big barks!
Little did I know that day that they would, one day, be family to me.
Today, I have realised that wishes do come true. You just have to wish hard from the depth of your doggy heart.
It has been a month now since that fateful dark night, brightly lit by gay Diwali lamps, when I came to live here with my furever family.
Yes, a month already!
And what a month!

It has been a journey of discovery & learning for all of us.
From the lost, little pup that I was when I came home, I have come a long way.

In fact, Mummy says I am a ‘Miracle Pup’!

But, to be honest, it hasn’t really been very hard for me. After all, I have had two of the BEST teachers in the world, my big sister and my big brother.
Not a day goes by when I do not learn something new from them.

I guess I am one lucky pup to have such loving and gentle teachers.
These are some of the ‘Life Lessons’ I have learnt in the last month.
1. A good walk is the bare essential necessity of life. Enjoy it to the fullest.



2. Always be connected to Mother Nature and never forget your roots.



3. The best view from the car is through the rear window.


4. It is important to ALWAYS keep the perimeter clear.


5. Tug-of-war and Bitey-face are the best games ever.


6. Unlike what I thought in my early days, the bed is much more comfortable than the cold floor.

7. Mummy keeps heaps of yummables in the big, cold box.

8. If you want a treat, you’ve got to sit down and await your turn.

9. If you can get the look right, you will definitely get an extra table treat.

10. The couch belongs to Ginger & Buddy. But I do get my moments on it.



11. The bean-bag belongs to me. But Daddy is the comfiest sitting bag!


12. A good, cozy sleep is every pup’s birth right.


AND the MOST IMPAWTANT lesson of all:

I have some of the most pawsome friends in the world, my blog friends, who already love me, even though I am only just beginning to know them.

Thank you, big sis and big bro, for sharing your friends, your blog, your toys and your life with me.
I love you-Furever!


Pee ess:

Hi, Gingin & Budboy here.
This post, Shadow’s first, was meant to be posted on 7 Dec- his one month Gotcha Day.
But the last few days passed by in a whirlwind of activities, with hardly a breather.
We are terribly sorry we haven’t been visiting anyone at all. But life should be back to normal in a few more days and we hope to catch up with everyone soon. Promise.
Thanks to the Unparalleled ABC Team for inspiring Shadow to write about US!

Have a great day, everyone!