Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life got in the Way!


January is almost gone and as predicted by whosoever predicts such things, we have already broken our New Year resolutions. Well, at least most of them. Most worthy of mention are our resolves to write everyday and post at least twice a week!



New year_2


By the way of an excuse, we present the fact that the last few weeks have been extremely exhausting.

First there were some parties – New Year and Bihu ( a harvest festival we mostly associate with yummy food). And then some cultural activities - theatre, dance and classical music festivals that dominate the scene in Delhi at this time of the year.

Some enchanting plays, some mesmerizing music and some soul stirring awe inspiring dance performances.

And then, when things were just about pawfect, Mummy fell terribly sick! To our utter dismay, she kept throwing up. When after a few hours we were sure she was done with clearing her gut of everything that she had ever eaten and drunk, she started at it again! Naturally she had to be on IV fluids and stuff.

Now, when your writer-editor-photographer-chief chef cum general care-taker is out of commission, it is extremely inconvenient. Though we tried to make things easier for Daddy to hold the fort by being on our best behavior and spent all our free time giving Mummy healing hugs, life suddenly went rather topsy-turvy.





Life’s slowly getting back on track again, though.

We always believe in silver linings.

The one in this ‘sickness cloud’? Well, a lot of innovative vegan food is cooking these days in our kitchen. Steamed, boiled and baked veggies, fruits, cereals and pulses. Dressed with fresh ginger( the spice, not the precious Dog!) and coriander leaves and dry fruits and juices!

And we are getting our fair share.

May Mummy stay vegan forever. Amen!



Ginger, Buddy and Shadow


colours of freedom



Pee Ess: We weren’t aware you would so appreciate the stories of our pariah friends. There are so many more such stories to tell, pictures to share. We will be back soon!



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Friday, January 17, 2014

A brand new start


There you have it!

Half of January gone already! It has been good - the new year- this far. Some party times with friends both old and new, great food and music, theatre, a few movies, some reading, no shopping yet if you believe it!

A few days, especially in the last week, were bitterly chilly. Every night as we slept curled up warmly under soft blankets; we would listen to the sounds of winter outside – the biting wind and the howling of dogs out there on the street – and be grateful and guilty at the same time.

There are puppies everywhere. Small bundles of fur in black, white, brown and various shades of all three running around in the cold. It just breaks our hearts. There isn’t much we can do except feed them wherever and whenever we come across them.

On our part, we make sure at least the three dogs in our complex are well fed, wear warm winter coats and stay relatively comfortable.

Sheru, at almost 13 years, is easily the oldest resident of our colony. (You can read more about him HERE )


sheru n me




The two girls are much younger, about 3 ½ years of age. Someone left them here. Many a times, the municipal board people pick up dogs from colonies to spay and neuter them. They are supposed to leave them in the area they were picked up from- a part of the animal birth control programme- but in many cases, local residents bribe the workers to take the dogs away and not bring them back. Nuisance they say!! So they end up far from their original area of residence.


the girls


These two girls outside our main gate must have been dropped off, straight from being spayed, in such a manner for they appeared quite suddenly one fine morning.

But aren’t we grateful they are here! The people around are kind here, Sheru gets along just fine with them so he lets them both share his space and of course we always look out for them. They know, for every time our car goes out or comes in the gate, they come running with a smile and a wag that warms our hearts.

Mummy has been dropping off hints! This picture here for instance!




Only we aren’t going to help her THIS one time. We never chew up paper. For that matter, anything with the printed word on it. Not since Ginger chewed up the spine of Mummy’s super expensive surgery book. But that was 7 years ago and she looked so adorable holding half the spine in her mouth she was forgiven instantly.

But that was then and this is now. Things are different when you are responsible grown up dogs. We aren’t taking any chances.

How have things been at your end? Hope you too are having a great start to the new year.



Ginger, Buddy and Shadow


sleeping pups