Thursday, October 31, 2013


What would you prefer...a spooky walk, tricks or treats?

We went for a nearly mid-nightly walk in our park tonight. Ginger ran away into the darkness, disappeared for quite a while and almost tricked Daddy into a heart-attack! 
Well, that's probably why we didn't get any special treats!

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Monday, October 28, 2013



Well…Oh…I guess it’s time..






Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Of Friends, Birthdays and Good times























Ricky has gone back home and the house is suddenly so quiet we are wondering if it was as quiet before he came a week back.

October is nearly over. After two super hectic weeks, we are trying to get back to routine work, blogging and everything. Typical of this time of the year in Delhi, there is a pleasant chill in the morning air. We have decided to snuggle on the blanket that Ricky used during his stay. It hasn’t been to the cleaners yet and it still smells of him.

18th of October was his Dad’s birthday. We are so proud that he learned everything that we tried to teach him – pottery painting & cursive writing among other things – and had his own gift for his Dad ready on time. And hey! He even composed his first blog post.

Well, he doesn’t really understand yet what blogging means but he was interested to write his story when we told him a number of people would read and appreciate it. We are hoping this will inculcate in him a habit of journal keeping which we think is one of the best things a child can learn. Not only does it encourage you to improve your handwriting but it also makes you dream, which is so important if you want to really achieve something big in life. Besides, your diary can be your best friend in times of need when you are all grown up and need to vent your feelings without telling the whole world. It really helps.


So, starting today, we shall be hosting a few blog posts from our guest blogger Ricky. Hope you enjoy these posts as much as we did putting them together.



Have a great week ahead,

Ginger, Buddy and Shadow



Monday, October 14, 2013

It wasn’t my fault

It certainly could’t have been. After all the workers took a long long time and then Mummy took some more to clean up after them.

Oh Alrighty! Let me tell this better.

We had to stay in the bedroom the whole time the workers fixed the shade over our balcony the other day. Something to do with them coming and going carrying heavy stuff and the weilding work being too dangerous for us to snoopervise. We did get to snack on our favorite stuff from time to time but no dog likes to be scooped up inside while there is so much going on outside, snacks or no snacks.

So after much deliberation I decided to amuse myself with some chewing exercise. Apparently my new stuffy wasn’t the right chewy. Well then, where was the right chewy toy when a dog needed it?

Mummy freaked out because I had swallowed both eyes, both ears and a paw off Mr. Stuffy.


bud chewy




She was worried it would all line my stomach and cause a blockage and I will need to go see the vet. (she is reading a little too much about intestinal obstruction in dogs ,I’m sure!)But nothing of that sort happened. I have as good an appetite as earlier, my tummy isn’t bloated and my stool is well formed and just right. I guess I AM a champion chewer!




Our garden is almost 70% done. Some pots are meant to be hung from the suspenders on the rim and a few lamps are to adorn the ceiling. Mummy is working on growing some plants in bottles that she means to style up!

It’s really nice that we can now sit outside for breakfast and enjoy the lovely weather. It rained yesterday. We sat outside listening to the pitter patter of the rain-drops on the roof, smelt the beautiful earthy smell, read a new book and munched on snacks. BLISS!


Our friend Ricky is visiting! We love it when he is here. He is a fine human pup and we always look forward to his visits as much as he does. This holiday our mission is to teach him to brush our teeth, brush our fur, feed the strays, paint earthen pots, read a dictionary and cursive writing. Last time he visited us, we taught him how to bathe us without getting water into our ears and he remembers his lesson perfectly well.




Will soon get back to you with the latest pup-date of our progress.

Till then, be good, keep wagging and feed the strays.







Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Exciting Projects!


A lot has been happening in our corner of the world in the last few days.

Mummy is between changing jobs so she has been home for longer hours than earlier which we are really enjoying. We would have loved to have her stay home with us permanently and we suspect she would quite enjoy that too.

But looks like that isn’t gonna happen, at least not for now.She has been trying hard to stop working full time on a nine to five  ( most times no time-limit) job and start something more entrepreneural. Till that happens or she gets into a less demanding job, we are concentrating on enjoying this little sabbatical that she’s on!

In the meanwhile, we all have been trying to get a number of things done. Like finishing a few pottery painting projects that were pending since time immemorial!


Do it Yourself Pottery


Guess what came in those earthen pots? Our favorite desserts – Kulfi and Mishti Doi and Ras Malai.

( For the un-initiated – Kulfi is a type of Indian ice-cream that comes in a variety of flavours. Our favourite is coconut Kulfi. There are some special joints in Delhi that sells coconut kulfi which is not just flavoured but has real grated coconut in it! Ras Malai is a kind of sweet that is made of refined flour and is shaped like small little balls in thick creamy sweetened milk. Mishti means sweet and Doi means Curd. The sweetness comes from a mixture  of sugar and jaggery mixed with cream.)

The desserts, of course, are mouth watering. We do not like to throw the pots away afterwards – they have that handmade earthy look that we find so appealing. Once cleaned and dried, they are ready to be a part of the d├ęcor of your house. Of course one can go buy such pots which have been manufactured for this express purpose but somehow we like the look of these ‘not so perfectly shaped’ pots. Besides they also remind us of the lovely long nightly drives we went on to get these desserts from a special joint at the far corner of our city!

Mummy is in the process of prettying them up and we mean to put them on our new bed-stand.


Oh! That reminds me!

We got this nice new bed last week. It’s much bigger (Hopefully it will fit us all better – three dogs and 2 humans- and we need no longer to sleep in a tangled mess!!) and comes with an exquisite new comfy mattress. Ever since it got into our bedroom, Shadow has been monopolizing it! I think he believes the bed has been bought explicitly to cater to his lounging needs!! Paah!

The weather is just perfect at this time of the year in New Delhi. Not too hot, not too cold, a fresh breeze blows at almost all times of the day and the fragrance of the pretty autumn flowers wafting along makes you happy for no reason at all…




For some time now, we have been contemplating on doing up our little garden on the balcony. The pigeons have been messing up our plans (literally!) and we need to get the better of them. Much as it hurts us to think we will be chasing them off from their homes on our window shades, we have decided to construct a shade, sort of a fibre-glass ceiling to keep them off but allow the light in.

The workers are at work right now and we are all are very excited!




It will be lovely to sit out there, feel the nice fresh air on our faces, admire the flowers, read, dream and compose our posts.

If only Mummy could stay home permanently!