Friday, February 28, 2014





Hope you get to enjoy everything that you like the whole ear through…..Good books, a million puppy hugs, yummilicious food, long drives, love of good friends, loads of shoes, bags, nice dresses, photography gadgets and such like material things you wish to fill your cupboards with!!

Have the Happiest Barkday ever!!


Wags n licks n hugs,

Ginger, Buddy and Shadow


Pee ess: We got Mummy something that she has been sighing over for ever so long. But we can’t tell you yet because it’s still a secret! Patience, Mon ami, patience!



Saturday, February 22, 2014

Decisions and stuff….


Last weekend,  while we were snoozing under the blankets with the heating on trying to beat the return of the chill and fog, someone has been up and about splashing colours all over our favourite Park! For, on Sunday morning, when we lazily turned up for our routine walk we found this!

Spring 6


Spring is certainly winning over Winter in our corner of the world!

Henry Miller had rightly said. ...'The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself'.

And here we have the whole new crop of lovely flowers in vibrant colours to be grateful for!

Spring makes that happen!  Everything routine all around you suddenly seems to come alive.  And as even the dreariest and harshest of winters come to an end, the world wakes up to new life, new hopes and new joy! We only hope this weekend will not be as dreary and drab as the last. Things look good though, after an entire week of sunshine.

We are in a sort of dilemma over a decision Mummy needs to make. There is a new job offer. Working in the same hospital as Daddy sounds good – his team is expanding – but there are foreseeable problems. Foremost of all is about availing leave. How can two people in the same specialty team disappear on a holiday? Even one day of leave will prove difficult so there can hardly be a question of a long holiday. Then there are other technical issues like ‘ Oh! she’s your wife so you support her, etc’ in case of a dispute or in case of an emergency both are stuck for long hours with us waiting alone at home.

A good job offer isn’t  just as good as it’s cover, we say! Decisions, decisions!


Oh Well! It’s weekend. Now go ahead and enjoy yours. Let’s shed our mundane cares and prove what Samuel Butler once said is right.

All animals except man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.”

We are sure Mummy will go about proving the dude right too but we are trying to change that !!















( Holing to the Centre of the earth!)












( LEAVE IT! …Or not!!!)






Have a relaxed Weekend.




Ginger, Buddy and Shadow



Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine Day Love


“Since love is a magic, Valentine’s Day is the day of magicians! Whoever loves creates a magic; whoever is loved, a magic is created!”
Mehmet Murat ildan


From being silly and crazy and (and much SLIMMER) and jumping around from one corner of the country to another all alone to more being more somber (and FATTER and still roaming around from one corner of the country to another but with us, of course!) Mummy and Daddy have come a long way!










mum n dad


Happy Valentine’s Day! Licks and wags and Hugs,

Ginger, Buddy and Shadow



By the Way, did you know?

The Taj Mahal – the monument the world knows as the monument of love can be seen from an entirely different (and we think much lovelier ) angle from the Agra Fort? The aforementioned fort is where emperor Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal in memory of his beloved queen, was imprisoned later by his son Aurangzeb who wanted to be king! Shah Jahan is said to have spent his last days in captivity looking at the Taj through the window of his cell in the fort across the Yamuna river!









Pee. Ess : Mummy’s requested to put in a word. A word? HA! Here she goes…


Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

Home is beautiful,

Because of You!


From being the lonely, scrawny little street pup to the handsome, super confident and super sensitive dude he is today, Shadow has come a long way!









From being the scared, ‘shaky at the knees’ little pup locked out in our neighbor’s balcony to our precious ,angelic princess (with highly sensitive telepathic powers!) that she is today, Ginger has come a long way!









From being loved and later abandoned unceremoniously by his previous family, scared, confused and uncertain to being adopted into our’s, our most well mannered grand old man, our beloved, fun  and food loving, now‘reassured and at peace’ Buddy boy has come a long way!








That fate brought them into my life is a blessing I am thankful for everyday. That I get to share my life with theirs is a joy that knows no bounds…

My Pups…My Valentine!!     Red heartRed heartRed heart 



Pee Pee Ess:

Oh OK! Mummy’s feeling all mushy ,we guess !

Happy Valentine to you all. May you find true love and joy to last a lifetime

Ginger, Buddy and Shadow





Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Locked Out!


Wordless about our ordeal, on a Wednesday too!


locked out 1


locked out 2



Ginger, Buddy and Shadow



Monday, February 10, 2014

Good Times


Wonderful music, great food, genial company, catching up on old times, reminiscing about college days, making new friends and laughing at old jokes well into the night in the warmth of a cozy home!

Just perfect!

I would any day chose this over a night out at a disco or pub or a party with a lot of strangers around and about, however fancy a place one might be in.

Making great memories is what matters, I believe…..


Arabian nights1


Bihu 1




Tabla watermarked






Friends 2


Music 4





Have a great week ahead!


Shadow high rising



Friday, February 7, 2014

A Boy and His Dog


A boy and his dog make a glorious pair:
No better friendship is found anywhere,
For they talk and they walk and they run and they play,
And they have their deep secrets for many a day;
And that boy has a comrade who thinks and who feels,
Who walks down the road with a dog at his heels.

He may go where he will and his dog will be there,
May revel in mud and his dog will not care;
Faithful he'll stay for the slightest command
And bark with delight at the touch of his hand;
Oh, he owns a treasure which nobody steals,
Who walks down the road with a dog at his heels.

No other can lure him away from his side;
He's proof against riches and station and pride;
Fine dress does not charm him, and flattery's breath
Is lost on the dog, for he's faithful to death;
He sees the great soul which the body conceals--
Oh, it's great to be young with a dog at your heels!

           - Edgar Guest






A Boy and His Dog 1


A Boy and His Dog 2


A Boy and his Dog 3


A Boy and His Dog 4


A Boy and His dog 5




A Boy and His Dog 7


A Boy and His Dog 6


We think we like Ricky the best when he is sleeping! Just saying, just saying…..



Ginger, Buddy and Shadow