Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Through the lenses




Will you believe it?

Here we were diligently taking care of Mummy all these days, not letting her out of sight even while she used the wash-room, just in case she wasn’t feeling well and needed us, helping her finish her food because she wasn’t very hungry, taking her for walks so she’ll get her strength back and guess what she does? The day she feels a little better, she goes off to some photography workshop and abandons us to starve for an entire day!

Alright, alright! We did get an extra large meal in the morning, loads of treats and a really long walk in the park once she was back but we had almost died of boredom by then! And on a Sunday too.

So much for gratitude!




Ginger, Buddy and Shadow



P.S.: A photography workshop! Just the event I needed to go to, to get back to normal after feeling so down the entire week. Thanks a lot, friends for all your wishes. I AM feeling so much better.

I always feel very guilty and am extremely reluctant to leave Ginger, Buddy and Shadow alone on a Sunday. This is one day we get to have an unhurried breakfast together, go for long walks, and do whatever we do as a family. The kids really enjoy having us both at home.

But I really really wanted to make it to this workshop. Thank Dogness it was fun!

In fact, it was really nice and we both had a lovely time both at the studio and outdoors.

 Munish Khanna , our mentor for the day turned out to be a really nice person in addition to being an eloquent instructor.

No airs, no frills but one true artist with a great sense of humor. He was big enough to let us amateurs pull his leg, ask ridiculous questions, joke at his expense and generally let us enjoy the time with him.

We were a riotous lot! Doctors, engineers, a pilot, two IT professionals, students, teachers, fashion designers, Interior decorators and three elderly retired gentlemen – all of us behaving like eager children out to have fun!


‘How do I take good photographs through a thick glass?’ a very young man who sat quietly in the last row asked timidly.

‘Essence of a good photograph is sharpness’, Munish said. ‘If you want to get a good picture, remove that glass’.

‘But I can’t’, the young man said.

‘Well, then you should drill a hole through it’, one of us suggested.

‘I can’t do that either’, the young man sounded like he was beginning to regret his question.


‘Why on earth do you want to go about taking pictures through thick glasses?’, we were relentless!

‘Well, I sometimes take pictures through the cockpit windows’, the poor young man finally came up, ‘I am a pilot’.

‘You must concentrate on flying the plane then!’

‘Which airlines did you say you are with?’

Finally, when we were all satisfied we had the young fellow flustered to our satisfaction, Munish got round to suggesting how a polarising filter might help and other such technicalities.


Told you! It was all rather fun!! And I hope to put to good use the tips I picked up that day.























My favorite picture from the workshop work. Two little girls I found playing in the park who kindly agreed to pose for me.







snoopydog said...

Great post! Made me smile! Love the photo of the two little girls. Ros

scotsmad said...

Well, as long as she doesn't make a habit of going off on a Sunday, then it was okay this time. Love the photos. We think you might have to start with a good camera--not an aim, shoot and hope for the best like ours.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

24 Paws of Love said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time and so much fun learning more about photography.

Glad you took the time to go.

Mitch and Molly said...

We just happen to love that first picture best ♥

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly