Thursday, April 28, 2011


Daddy is back, yes. In fact, he landed three quarters of an hour earlier than he was expected to. We were only just getting ready to go pick him up when we recieved a phone call from his cell.

At first we were horrified.
‘Oh No! His flight is delayed,’ we thought. And then we thought he was calling from high up in the sky! Wow!
But then both our speculations were proved wrong when we heard him saying ‘ Guess what! I’ve landed!’

What! Already? We were only just getting ready to go pick him up.
Aren’t pilots booked for speeding? We wonder!

Anyway, we hurried as best as we could and were almost there when the airport police stopped us.

‘Where are you going?’

Well, since the sign said ‘Arrivals’ and it was a one way street we couldn’t go anywhere else even if we wanted to, could we?
What a moron!

‘Do you have a licence?’

Now, we were being perfectly good citizens, minding our own business, driving on the right side of the road (which, in India, is the left, by the way) and well under speed limits. That moronic police-man had no business to stop us in the first place.
Besides, he was airport security and NOT traffic police and therefore had absolutely no authority to ask for Mummy’s licence.

‘What is wrong, officer? Why do you want to see my licence?’

‘Dogs are not allowed in the airport’


‘Don’t be ridiculous. They might be going to catch a flight, for all you know’.

‘They might create some problem in the airport’.


‘Well, it is our airport. We pay taxes so the Government can build and maintain it. We can go in and out of it as many times as we like as long as we have a valid reason.
Besides, it is our car and we pay for the gas with our own hard-earned money and we will go wherever we like in it. And you can’t just hold us up like that’.

And finally, that moronic, Dog-hating, (Drunk??) police-man moved away and let us go.
As if waiting for 4000years wasn’t enough, he had to delay us for 40  more hours!
But then, once we met Daddy, all was well again.
And life is back to normal.

Well, as normal as it can get living amidst cardboard boxes! Most of our stuff are disappearing too.

(What! Our Beloved Couch too??!)

NO! Not our couch, please?


(This is serious. We have NOWHERE nice to lie on anymore. Not even a table to sleep under!)   

(Under the clothes drier!!)

(Under Mummy’s legs?)

Can you spot us all?

It is time. Just about 3 more days to go and we will be finally off to Delhi. There are still heaps of things to do but we can hardly wait to get going. This house with all this mess doesn’t seem like home anymore.


Mummy says we will like our new home. It is nice and big and airy and has plenty of running space for all three of us. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well Mummy, we think you should learn to apparate like they do in Harry Potter’s world so we can be there in a second instead of having to drive 1650 kilometres in three days!

For now, we are trying to adjust as best as we can to this messy life. Literally!
After all, sleeping on a mattress on the ground isn’t as bad as we'd thought!



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Sunday, April 24, 2011



Thank You for being our Friend

Thank you for being there for us even when we haven’t been around much

Thank you for bringing us such joy

Thank you for being a part of our lives.


Dear Friends,

The wish is old, the wish is true. Happy Easter to you









Saturday, April 23, 2011

And now DADDY’s GONE!

It has been 4000 years now since he had gone off to Delhi. From what Mummy tells us, looks like he is scheduled to return tomorrow, provided everything he’s gone to do goes off smoothly. Paws crossed.

We are not liking this one bit. Broken heart Crying faceCrying face

Buddy has decided to be rather cranky and remains under the bed most of the time. Guess, he misses his playtime with Daddy.

Shadow on the other paw, insists on waiting for Daddy out in the verandah.Silly Boy! You can’t possibly wait there in this heat for over 4000 years.

I explained it to him that it is much better to be near Mummy, like I do. That way she won’t feel very lonely and we can also be sure she won’t go away somewhere, leaving us all alone.

I think he got my point because he has taken to following Mummy just about every time she moves even to the other end of the room! Guess he is living up to his name!!!

On top of everything, Mummy has gone and lost her voice. She tells us the BIG BAD WOLF ( of Little Red Riding hood fame) got it. But I know better.

She has got allergic laryngitis from all the packing and stress and travelling. It is good in a way that Daddy isn’t here. She is bound to keep silent and rest her throat. And since nobody seems to understand what she says over the phone, she really can’t talk to anyone!

She sounds better today, though. I mean, she sounds like a faulty speaker system which is a definite improvement on what she sounded like yesterday - a frog with laryngitis!!Winking smile


Anyway, Mummy is trying her level best to cheer us up in her own way.







But we have decided to be seriously glum, just in case she thinks we can be taken for granted and makes it a habit of disappearing ever so frequently.

                Sad smile Ginger


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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Looking all tired and haggard and worn out, but yes, she is finally back. We were almost beginning to think she had forgotten us.
Well, we did talk over the phone with her everyday but it is not the same thing, is it now?
Ok, she talked and we tried to lick her through the receiver but this is so much better. We get to maul her for being away for so long.
But wait! What is this? Do we detect Labrador perfume on her? And also two mixed breeds. And is that a puppy? What has she been up to all this while?
Well, this was to be expected. After all, in Delhi almost every other house is owned by a doggy. And she has been running about house - hunting.
We shall ponder over this matter of her affiliations later. For now, we are just so glad that she is back and also want to concentrate on the treats she got for us.

Large chewy bones! Yummmzzz!

We are sorry we do not have any pictures but maybe you can make do with these ones here.




No, that is not the house mummy found for us in Delhi. It is the place we stayed in, in Goa. Really lovely, don’t you think?
It has a story too.
Oh! We mustn't jumble up things. But we have so much to tell you starting right from our holiday in Goa to our shifting to Delhi plans, we are just too full of words.
We can’t wait to tell you everything. But right now, there are many matters that need our attention and we will feel much better once we get them settled.
So the story has to wait.
Have a lovely, lovely Sunday Smile

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Wish Mummy luck, Please?

Hi Friends,

This is just a quick little postie to let you all know that We might disappear again!

Mummy is off to Delhi in a few hours from now. Not for very long, she promises to be back by Thursday or at the max, Friday.

We thought of asking Daddy to help us post, but that might not be a very good idea.

We aren’t about to give up our blog to discussions on gadgets and gizmos, racing cars, aliens and games that involves shooting masked terrorists in the deserts of some unknown land!

And we haven’t even taken into account all the werewolf and vampire movies!


Anyway, Mummy is carrying the satellite net and has promised to try and help us post long-distance. But we aren’t very hopeful.

Look what happened when we had gone off to Goa. We were holidaying and happy and carefree and still couldn’t manage blog time.

And now she is off with loads of baggage. And we do not just mean it literally.

She is pretty tense about heaps of stuff that needs to be done.

Please wish her luck so she can get everything done as soon as possible and come back home.

We hate to see her go. So does she, we know. She has been rather upset since the evening and we have been cuddling her.

But then, these things just need to be done.

We leave you with this lovely picture. We love it so much because it makes us feel the cool breeze, smell the smells of the sea and hear the waves….




Saturday, April 9, 2011



We have this arrangement with a chicken centre nearby. Every Sunday, we get our specially readied chicken that lasts us for the week. Less meat, more bones, no skin is what we prefer so that we do not have to worry about weight gain issues.

Because we get boiled chicken for breakfast, having to eat kibble for dinner doesn’t seem so bad.

While in Goa, most of our chicken meals got substituted by sea-fish.





Oh No! Don’t think we are complaining. In fact, we LOVED it. Oftentimes, we would lick our plates clean even before Mummy could get back from washing her hands!

But ever since we had come back, things have been..err..not quite conducive.

The long drive back tired us out so that we just didn’t feel like going shopping for edibles and stuff. We were making do with whatever was left over in the fridge - eggs, cheese and potatoes- and ordering pizza.

So what happened yesterday wasn’t entirely Buddy’s fault.

We were out with Daddy to get our chicken, bread and whatever else humans need for a decent living.

We found some fresh chicken liver so we picked 2 kilograms of those too along with our usual stuff, feeling rather good that we would, at last have a nice home-cooked meal.

Buddy was unusually quiet. Usually he is very fidgety in the car, jumping up and down and sticking his head out over the driver’s shoulder.

‘The long trip must have made him more confidant about car-rides,’ Daddy said.

‘Sit down Shadow. Look what a good boy Buddy is, sitting quietly’.


It was only when we saw that sheepish and at the same time satisfied look on Buddy’s face did we realise something was amiss.

You will not believe it, but he had wolfed down an ENTIRE KILOGRAM of raw chicken liver!! Surprised smile



At first Daddy couldn’t believe it. He looked underneath the seats, just in case. There were two separate packets of one kilo each. He found one intact but the other had been torn open.

It had never ever happened earlier.

We almost always go pick up our chicken and sometimes all sorts of yummy cooked stuff too. Even buckets of KFC which is rather irresistible, we think.

Poor boy! He must have really been missing his chicken.

He couldn’t have been that hungry, he’d had his dinner the night before. Though not a very satisfactory one, it was still dinner.


But a WHOLE kilogram of chicken liver? That too raw?

I cannot even begin to imagine how. I wouldn’t as much as lick any packet unless it contains cooked food.

Shadow sniffs at the meat packets and tentatively licks them, but generally seems rather disinterested unless the food is on his plate.


Well, Buddy seemed rather content about the whole affair and went about with a smug look on his face the rest of the day.

He had Mummy rather worried though. She kept looking for tell-tale signs of a tummy upset but of course, there weren’t any!

And by evening, he was all ready for his share of pizza!

And yes, he is back to being his usual jumping, fidgety self in the car.





Friday, April 8, 2011



The sea pronounces something, over and over, in a hoarse whisper; I cannot quite make it out.

                           ~Annie Dillard






















Hiiii Everyone!

Finally, we are back home!

Yes, we were supposed to return 3 days ago but we ended up overstaying and came back only just yesterday!

Goa always has that effect on you. It is such a lovely place you just don’t want to leave.

The night before we were supposed to return, we all got very depressed that our vacation was ending. Just one more day is what we kept wishing for. And then we realised we can just simply stay back.

Everything was in place - the resort was available for a few more days, Mum and Dad didn’t have to report back to work because, as you know, we are all leaving for Delhi anyway. There couldn’t have been better excuses to overstay.

We are glad we did because it was on the last day of our stay that we got some perfect sunset pictures. All throughout our stay we spent our evenings on one beach or the other, hoping for that perfect sunset.

But it was elusive. Even during the evenings the air was thick with humidity and combined with the already soaring temperatures, it made the sunset a hazy, orange affair. It was very enjoyable but never made a good photograph.

But on the last evening of our stay, the sky cleared up. We were in Colva, one of the southern beaches in Goa.

The air was cooler, the tides seemed stronger and the sun set on the horizon making a perfect picture.

It was a beautiful evening.

We went for a long walk along the shore, chased crabs, played chase and after one last swim in the sea, came back and packed our bags.

No more regrets this time that the vacation had ended. We have had a truly lovely time and collected memories for a life time…


We are linking to SKYWATCH FRIDAY. Please do go over there if you want to sky watch!




Sunday, April 3, 2011



What more could one ask for?

Watch Cricket World cup finals by the sea and you get to keep the cup too!




After 28 long years, the World Cup finally is ours!

There was just one question ever since the matches started in India- the cup has come home to India, but will we get to keep it?

It was a perfect win - the Indian Captain at 91 not out hitting the final ball for a six and a win the country had been waiting for, for over 2 decades.



We had been meaning to post for a while now. If not write about all the beautiful things and places we have discovered and explored, at least just a few pictures.

But we get just too tired at the end of each day. More often than not, we doze off with the lights on. We, who cannot sleep unless it is pawfectly dark!!

But yesterday was different. Except for a visit to a nearby beach, we were mostly home for most parts of the afternoon and evening.

After all, it is not everyday that your country plays for the Cricket World Cup!

The beaches and roads were almost deserted and we found everyone around in the open roadside cafes, glued to their TV sets chewing on their nails!

It was good to see many enthusiastic foreign tourists supporting India too, with our national colours tattooed and painted on their lively faces!

Guess the craze, anticipation and euphoria is all pervading.

Finally, it was all worthwhile.

As our TV sets erupted when M.S. Dhoni hit the winning six of the innings, the world around us burst out in joy with fireworks lighting up the moonless night sky!!







For us, it will be a fantastic memory. The perfect end to a dream vacation by the sea.


Yes, we are here in Goa for just one more day.

The last few days passed by just too soon. We explored, we ate, and we played to our hearts content, but somehow it just doesn’t seem enough.

Goa is a lovely place and one could easily spend over a month holidaying here and not get tired. Wish we could turn back the clock and start all over again….

We shall start writing about all our discoveries one by one, but till then here are a few pictures we know you will love.