Thursday, April 28, 2011


Daddy is back, yes. In fact, he landed three quarters of an hour earlier than he was expected to. We were only just getting ready to go pick him up when we recieved a phone call from his cell.

At first we were horrified.
‘Oh No! His flight is delayed,’ we thought. And then we thought he was calling from high up in the sky! Wow!
But then both our speculations were proved wrong when we heard him saying ‘ Guess what! I’ve landed!’

What! Already? We were only just getting ready to go pick him up.
Aren’t pilots booked for speeding? We wonder!

Anyway, we hurried as best as we could and were almost there when the airport police stopped us.

‘Where are you going?’

Well, since the sign said ‘Arrivals’ and it was a one way street we couldn’t go anywhere else even if we wanted to, could we?
What a moron!

‘Do you have a licence?’

Now, we were being perfectly good citizens, minding our own business, driving on the right side of the road (which, in India, is the left, by the way) and well under speed limits. That moronic police-man had no business to stop us in the first place.
Besides, he was airport security and NOT traffic police and therefore had absolutely no authority to ask for Mummy’s licence.

‘What is wrong, officer? Why do you want to see my licence?’

‘Dogs are not allowed in the airport’


‘Don’t be ridiculous. They might be going to catch a flight, for all you know’.

‘They might create some problem in the airport’.


‘Well, it is our airport. We pay taxes so the Government can build and maintain it. We can go in and out of it as many times as we like as long as we have a valid reason.
Besides, it is our car and we pay for the gas with our own hard-earned money and we will go wherever we like in it. And you can’t just hold us up like that’.

And finally, that moronic, Dog-hating, (Drunk??) police-man moved away and let us go.
As if waiting for 4000years wasn’t enough, he had to delay us for 40  more hours!
But then, once we met Daddy, all was well again.
And life is back to normal.

Well, as normal as it can get living amidst cardboard boxes! Most of our stuff are disappearing too.

(What! Our Beloved Couch too??!)

NO! Not our couch, please?


(This is serious. We have NOWHERE nice to lie on anymore. Not even a table to sleep under!)   

(Under the clothes drier!!)

(Under Mummy’s legs?)

Can you spot us all?

It is time. Just about 3 more days to go and we will be finally off to Delhi. There are still heaps of things to do but we can hardly wait to get going. This house with all this mess doesn’t seem like home anymore.


Mummy says we will like our new home. It is nice and big and airy and has plenty of running space for all three of us. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well Mummy, we think you should learn to apparate like they do in Harry Potter’s world so we can be there in a second instead of having to drive 1650 kilometres in three days!

For now, we are trying to adjust as best as we can to this messy life. Literally!
After all, sleeping on a mattress on the ground isn’t as bad as we'd thought!



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Anonymous said...

What a mean fake policeman! How dare he stop you from your appointed job of picking up your Pop!

So happy that your Pop made it home and early to boot!

Hang in there and when you get to your new home you will all be so very happy.

I am sure that your Mom and Pop will get new sofa's to sit on. Trust your loving hoomans!

woo woos, Tessa

peee s...don't forget to take lots of fotos of your trip to your new home we cannot wait to see them!

The Daily Pip said...

I am SO HAPPY for all of you. I know this is a busy time for you, but definitely update us when you can. I can't wait to see pictures of Delhi!

Your pal, Pip

Anonymous said...

I think I will make a royal decree that we should give grrs to that mean police man.
signed Lucy, Puppy Princess

Teddy Bear said...

We hope your move goes well and that unpacking is a breeze.:) We can't wait to hear about your new home.;)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Mariodacat said...

I love your pictures when you snuggle together. Good luck on your move, and we'll look forward to hearing from you once you are in your new home. Sounds exciting - new things to explore again.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

At least you are going, too. Usually when all that packing stuff happens around here.....we end up camping!

Sounds like a good time to move, if the police are going to object to you being dogs. He deserved to be bitten; but we're glad you controlled yourselves.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Pat said...

What an exciting life! I think Mr Policeman just wanted you to get out the car so he could have a better look at your handsomeness!
Good luck with the relocation xx

the booker man said...

that fake police dude was totally a dork! he shouldn't have delayed you like that and made your daddy wait even more! GRRRR.
wow! your couch got sold already!! i'm glad you still have that nice mattress to sleep on! i'm sure you'll get a mega spiffy new couch once you get to delhi, so don't worry too much, okie dokie?
me 'n asa just know you are gonna looooove your new house! we can't wait to see pics 'n stuff!

the booker man

Sheltie Times said...

Sorry you got the grumpy policeman. However, you Mom and Dad are together and headed to your new home. I am sure they will find a comfy spot for you to rest.

-Bailey & Katy

Diana Chiew said...

Hope you have a smooth move to Delhi.

jabblog said...

You must be exhausted by now. I hope your move goes smoothly and you soon settle into your new home. God speed:-)

jabblog said...

Whoops! I hope your laryngitis has gone, too.

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Stupid policeyman! How dare he!
We drive on the right side of the road too, by that, I mean the left. Mum said I should have said correct side.
~lickies, Ludo

Bocci said...

Great story-glad you were so forceful with that officer!

Good luck with your move-we'll look forward to seeing photos of your nice airy house:-)

Roo said...

Glad you gave the nimnull police dude what for! Ridiculous!

Safe travels to your new home in Delhi!

Waggin at ya,

snoopydogknits said...

Looks like busy times! You all look so cute tucked up asleep together. We're sure you'll love your new home. Have a safe journey! Ros and Oscar