Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 Mummy brought home a bit of spring today. Tomorrow is Holi - a festival of colours which people celebrate by playing with powders that come is various shades of the rainbow and more.
So in addition to the colours all around us, we are going to wake up to a bit of our own spring out on the balcony. And oh!On the utility room shelf too which now has a strawberry plant in a planter. I thought strawberries only grew in colder climes but this planter proves me wrong.
Let's see if I can get it to give us fruits.

Sorry we haven't been around much. Have been trying to catch up on our reading a bit. Didn't someone say, 'Knowledge is everything'?

Well, I say ...

Well, must go sleep now. I'm too tired from taking care of Mummy and Buddy and all that reading and stuff. Both have the allergy sickies. 
Whenever Mummy falls sick, Ginger just cuddles up to her and stays put while Daddy gets totally burned out from taking care of us, the house and work. So it's always I who have to take charge around here - chase away the birds, scare off the noisy creatures outside, get the door, the telephone and generally keep everyone's spirits up and try get them to play and laugh a bit. It certainly a tiring job. 

So, for today, it's

Good night, Everypuppy. Or Good day - whichever is applicable in your corner of the world.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Earl, Mooch, Guard Dog and Shtinky

We love them to bits!

We love the way they make us smile every morning. We love how they make us realise how little acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s world. We laugh with them, we cry with them, we learn to be more compassionate and like Mooch says ‘we strive to find our inner purrr’ by understanding them and their words of wisdom.

Earl, Mooch, Guard Dog and Shtinky live in ‘MUTT COMICS’ – a lovely world created by Patrick McDonnell. Many of you might already know them but we came across them only a couple of months back and instantly fell in love with them. Even with Crabby, presumably ‘the world’s crabbiest crustacean who uses the saltiest crabby language’ !!


Earl is a very handsome mutt who, along with his feline friend Mooch has us totally hooked to his beautiful world.

cast80_earl  cast80_mooch


Our heart goes out to Guard dog and many more dogs like him who appear vicious and tough because they lead a tethered life but in reality have huge hearts that readily open wide with just a little love cast80_guarddog



Shtinky is extremely cute and this little orphan kitty has our hearts glued to him because of his passionate mission to save the tigers and almost the entire world in general!!




We love Patrick’s world and everything that he is doing in real life to help animals . Wish there were more humans like him. The world certainly is a better place because of all the smiles he brings everyday to so many human, canine and feline faces.

Guess Mooch and Earl illustrate it so well here…..




Gotta go now. There’s some snoozing we need to catch up on.


bud sunshine


gin sleep


 shad sleep

Enjoy your day,

Ginger, Buddy n Shadow 



Monday, March 18, 2013

There goes the Weekend...

Totally zonked from trying to catch up with everything we had been missing out on the entire week. One Sunday just isn't enough. Why can't we have a second Sunday, say around mid week?

Do you know of anyone we can write to who can make that happen?

Early morning tomorrow. Gotta go get some sleep. It's way past midnight and even that pesky cricket out there in the balcony has gone off to sleep



Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I am a mutt.

The Most fiercely loved, the Most deeply valued,  the Most warmly cuddled,  the Most handsome,  bravest, smartest and the most sensitive Mutt pup in the whole big world!

Mummy says our family picture is incomplete without me.

I love being me and I am in no mood to change my 'mutt' status anytime soon.

Well, make that 'ever'...

Signing off,

Monday, March 11, 2013


'You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I am not hungry enough to eat six!'... Yogi Berra

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Of charity,birthdays and life

Two insanely busy weeks, including two working Sundays. Yes, you read it right. Working Sundays! Mummy’s hospital organised free health camps on both the Sundays and whether you liked it or not, she had to go do some charity!

Whoever had said ‘Charity begins at home’ quite clearly forgot to pass on this message to those guys running her hospital. I mean, I don’t think there’s any point neglecting your family, especially on Sundays, to go do charity outside.

Thank Dogness, we have a superbly functioning Back-up App called ‘Daddy’ in place. Even though Mummy rushed off right after breakfast we got to go on our special Sunday walkie.

Lovely weather, a bright sun shinning through a clear blue sky and the most glorious smelling mud puddle left over from last week’s rains in a corner of our park. Unfortunately, Daddy got to me before I could delve in. Ginger was smarter. She’d sneaked out from the group without any fuss and had the most wonderful time. Before Daddy even noticed, she’d managed a mud bath.

What I’d have given to get into that thick mud caking her paws and face! But it wasn’t to be. Sigh!

I think Shadow is funny. He doesn’t like mud and he avoids all water puddles. He seems to take much pleasure in sniffing the flowers, chasing butterflies and trying to get at those pesky birds that tease us. If you ask me it is a sheer waste of time. I’d rather get into water any day.


Mummy turned 37 years old on the 28th of Feb. The cake arrived promptly at the stroke of midnight. We were all pretending to be terribly sleepy and snuggling under warm blankets when the door-bell chirped. Mummy immediately sat up and declared, ‘Hey! That’s my cake!’

It was a very pretty cake. Purple flowers that smelled of pineapple and vanilla! To my utter disappointment, just when we were half way through it Mummy declared she was gonna save the other half for the next day, to pack it for her friends at work. Thankfully by next morning she had come back to her senses so she only packed one fourth of it.






We got Mummy a brand new smart tablet and a pretty new notebook. All part of our plan to get her to help us blog seriously and more frequently. Hopefully once she gets the hang of it, she’ll make good use of her tablet and blog in between work.

Oh! I almost forgot.

Ginger went and caught a bug sometime back. Nopes! Not the big ones that you can chase and catch but the tiniature microscopic ones that chase you instead! She kept flapping her ears hard and had a fever. Mummy told me it was Otitis Media. Well, in English that translates to ‘a condition when your ears get infected due to a blockage of the ventilating tube behind the nose consequent to a cold’.

Thankfully, it wasn’t very bad. There wasn’t any discharge coming out of her ears which can happen if the ear drum perforates. The meds worked well and she’s all mended now. I feel so relieved.

For one, Mummy fusses terribly when one of us isn’t feeling hundred percent. And secondly, because she gets all paranoid we will all go catch bugs she doesn’t let us play in the puddles in our park.

For the record, Shadow hates puddles. So it’s actually I who end up losing out on all the fun.


Gotta go now.

Need to go help Mummy figure out the tablet.



Keep blogging and keep wagging,