Friday, July 4, 2014









I don’t really know if it was I mirroring Mummy or Mummy mirroring me, but both of us haven’t been very well the last few days. Mummy’s migraine has been troubling her – it has been quiescent for so long now we’d all forgotten she needs to be careful about her sleep patterns and bright lights and noises and some food, but there it was back again troubling her so.

May be it has to do with the weather that has been so moisture laden promising to rain and never actually doing so. So there she was, getting sick and feeling miserable, and I couldn’t but stop myself from doing the same.

Nothing wrong with me apparently, except the getting sick bit that is. No lack of appetite, no change in food and water intake, no dearth of energy so everybody is just putting it down to the weather, and the possibility that I might be mirroring Mummy and working up some acid.

We are both trying to eat smaller, frequent meals hoping the reflux if any, will settle- difficult when you need to refrain from snacking on table treats but I like the ‘frequent meals’ bit!

Anyway, I’m faring much better than mummy. She isn’t still very keen on eating much and what’s actually good for her. Like plenty of fluids and yogurt. I love yogurt, by the way and could eat an entire bowlful at one go and then all of Mummy’s left over too. Did you know? Not that ‘eating at one go’ is a measure of my preference for one food over another, apparently!

Well, I’m digressing from the narrative. Like I was saying, I’m faring much better than mummy and have been keeping all my food down for the last two days. For that matter, Mummy has been too. And I guess those migrainous headaches are subsiding for she’s back on the computer.

So just in case you were working yourself up after reading my post, don’t. We are actually mending quite well. May be the fact that the weather’s starting to behave is helping too.

Daddy’s plants look like his experiments are working! Soon, very soon I hope, I’ll have a nice, green, cool balcony to lounge in.








The other day I happened to meet the GM of this corporate hospital. A real gentleman, rare species these days especially in the corporate world of hard-core dash to the top, with a warm handshake and a genuine smile who still stands up for a lady, who instantly reminded me of his counterpart in another premier hospital I had chanced across for some work some time ago. The latter a pathetic excuse of a human being who lived ( did he really?) breathed and slept work. His every gesture insinuated chauvinism, every word oozed of opinionated beliefs that pursuing a hobby or volunteering to help animals are indicators of an unfocussed, incompetent professional! He of course had long since forgotten to smile.

One certain reason for a relapse of one’s migraines, for sure!

The world of corporate healthcare, like all other corporate fields, is largely about a relentless pursuit of success and wealth and in most cases at the expense of sacrificing one’s pursuit of happiness.

Chance encounters with rare people who maintain vestiges of humanity in the midst of judgmental competition are enough to heal this world. In the first place, aren’t we doctors supposed to do just that? Heal?