Sunday, May 29, 2011

We are REALLY Worried…

Sad smile Sad smile
Ginger has developed an Urinary Tract Infection.
She seemed anxious and rather in a hurry to go out in the evening and then passed quite a lot of blood in her pee-pee.

We forgot to tell you earlier but she had haematuria, (that is blood in urine in medical jargon) immediately after we had reached Delhi. It wasn’t so surprising, considering we had travelled such a long distance and she, like always, drank very little water.

After a course of antibiotics and some urinary alkaliser, she was fine. The vet told us there was also the element of anxiety and it might be stress induced cystitis, which means inflammation of the bladder.

She had never shown any sign of pain, no fever and was eating , playing and sleeping well. So we weren’t very worried.

But yesterday she freaked Mummy out.

Recurrence of haematuria isn’t good. This might mean there is some resistant infection. After all, urinary tract infections aren’t easy to cure.
But the most worrisome thought is that there might be a stone somewhere.

The good news is that she isn’t showing the slightest sign of pain or fever and seems alright in general.


Yes, she does seem to be a little anxious these days because Mummy gets back from work later than she did earlier.

Guess this shifting business has been hardest on her. She is extremely emotional and very much the ‘thinker’.
Our home in Hyderabad has been ‘Home’ to her ever since she was just about 10 weeks old. She probably misses being there the most.

She otherwise seems well adjusted to our new life but I guess she feels uprooted.
I and Buddy aren’t all that bothered as long as we have the entire pack around us. We both are happy and have decided on our own snoozing corners.
But Ginger seems to be pondering over things sometimes….
And she doesn’t drink as much water as she should.

Please don’t worry too much.
She isn’t seriously sick. Mummy has put her on a new and higher antibiotic since last night. Today morning there were just two drops of blood, which is an improvement over yesterday.
She is not at all anxious today and seems quite content to snooze near Mummy.
We are planning to watch her progress for one more day before we take her to see a vet or get an x-ray. Mummy doesn’t want to make her anxious about other sick doggies around.

She has always been very sensitive that way and would pick up vibes very easily. She would get rather upset and restless whenever there is somebuddy sick or hurt around her. So, if there is that element of stress induced cystitis, it is much better that she stays home.

We will, anyway, go ahead and get her urine analysis done. She doesn’t need to go see a vet for that.
We will let you know how she fares. Paws crossed she’ll be all cured soon.
We feel really bad that this is happening. I mean, she has NEVER been sick, ever.


And hey! before I forget…that speaking calendar is a farewell gift from Mummy’s friend in Hyderabad.
I think it is a very smart calendar because it has just the dates on it and NO YEAR. Which means we can use it year after year and it will tell you some really nice things everyday!

Isn’t that cool?

Nothing special about June 2nd! We were flipping through the pages and rather liked this quote and so thought of sharing it with you.
Glad you liked it Smile

I need to go now. One thing’s really bothering me.
Mummy forgot to pack our lizards!!
I keep searching the walls and hoping they would appear but they just aren’t there.
There are still HEAPS of boxes to be opened and loads of stuff to be sorted. One entire room full.
Do you think there might be a chance they are in there? I looked in that room too, had to sneak in actually because Mummy wouldn’t let me go in there. Something about the dust.
But they weren’t there either.
I really hope they will reappear. I miss them….



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011


HIYA Friends!

Hope you are all happy, healthy and wagging away…

We are sorry we are so terribly late in getting back to you but you can guess how things have been with all this shifting business.

We have been missing you all HEAPS and have been dying to get back to read about all that has been happening at your end.

Guess life gets in the way of blogging and we have to deal with it. We just hope you haven’t forgotten all about us.

Anyway, just in case you have, here’s us!



My brother Buddy




My sister Ginger




And me, Shadow


Yes, it IS me.

Mummy says I am still my very original puppy self, but she just has to agree that I look so much more mature and grown.

Don’t you agree?


We are settling down in our new home and have decided that we rather like it.

We weren’t quite so sure when we had arrived though. One empty house to another didn’t seem all that interesting. Ginger even insisted on leaving immediately. She does that when we go somewhere she doesn’t like.

She would pull Mummy by her skirt or her wrist and head for the door. You can’t get more persistent than that, can you now?




















But Mummy explained that we were going to stay here and we will soon set things right and all will seem well again.

Soon, our stuff arrived. We don’t yet know whether we should be glad that most of our stuff arrived intact or be sad that some got damaged.

Like my yellow bean bag. We found a small hole when we opened the packing and beans spilled out. Mummy has repaired it and I can use it but a hole is still a hole.

One of our corals broke and we feel rather sad about it. Where from will we get a replacement for it in the middle of Delhi, thousands of kilometres from the sea?

And then, there are a few earthenware pots that got damaged.


But almost everything else is safe. We were most worried about stuff like the refrigerator, the TV and the air-conditioner but thankfully they are all working fine.










We are trying our best to adjust to our new life.

Some things seemed very weird at first. Like the receding garden. We weren’t quite sure how we came to live so high up in the air. And why there were always so many people, cars and dogs in our garden down there.

We asked them to stop trespassing and leave us alone but nobody seemed to take any notice. And then we found out that the garden down there belongs to everyone around and we need to share it with everyone, including our neighbours, a Saint Bernard and a German Shepherd!!!










And of course there are advantages of living high up in the air. You can sit out there on the balcony and enjoy the raindrops falling on your face occasionally without getting totally wet.

That is what we did all evening yesterday. The rain came for the first time today since we had arrived and we have been wishing hard for it to come. Past few days had seen temperatures sky-rocketing and the rain felt wonderful.

And guess what?

Mummy didn’t need to get all freaked out about us getting muddy in the garden and we got to wet our paws on the balcony!






We haven’t yet finished arranging everything and one of the rooms is till stuffed with cardboard boxes, but the ‘empty house’ is slowly turning into ‘Home’. It will take some time, I guess.












Mummy hardly seems to have any time at all these days. She’s just joined a new job and she can’t possibly ask for leave immediately. And when she is not at work, she is either out looking at furniture to buy ( we don’t have a sofa yet which upsets Ginger very much, she loved the old couch the best!) or tidying up things or cooking or doing an umpteen number of things she seems to be doing these days.

The only time we get to be with her properly is on our walks when she has to concentrate on us exclusively and when she sleeps. Thank Dogness for that, at least.

Now you know why we have been ‘MIA’ for so long. And then, of course there is the matter of the internet.

Our satellite net has decided to be rather cranky these days. Sometimes it makes us wait for 4325678 years before it actually refreshes a page and sometimes it would download in a jiffy!

How on earth is somedoggy supposed to blog at this rate? Forget updating our blog, we aren’t even getting to read anyone’s blog and this erratic net is just another reason.

We do not understand why Daddy is taking so long deciding on which cable net we are getting. All he has been doing is talk to 1000000 different net companies everyday about their offers.

Well, he needs to hurry up and get one fast.                                             

We are hoping to be able to tell you all about our journey from Hyderabad soon. It was long and tiring but we had a really great time driving through so many different places.

It was a real learning experience, especially for me and I feel so much wiser now.


We will definitely try and get back to reading your blogs and sharing our story soon but if you find us disappearing in between, please do not worry. It is all just this shifting and settling down business.

We are certain that once we get a hang of our new life here, we will get back to our old ways.


Huh! That sounds good to me.

what do you think?









Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adieu Hyderabad…




Dear Friends,

This is to tell you all that we are leaving for Delhi early tomorrow morning.

Did you notice our counter right at the bottom of our blog-page? We are leaving days ahead of when we actually expected to!!


Everything has been just too hectic and tiring, especially with the soaring temperatures.

Did you know, there are just three seasons in Southern India - Hot, Hotter and Hottest!


We are at the ‘Hotter’ part right now!

We haven’t been able to keep up with any of your blogs and mails. But we promise to get back to each and everyone of you. In the meanwhile, we will just have to make do with blog reading, at the most.

All our stuff have been packed and shipped. Paws crossed they all arrive safe. There are just too many precious emotions attached with them.

The insurance guy has promised to make good any possible damage but what he doesn’t understand is he cannot return those letters, photographs, cards, books and stuff collected over the years.

The house feels weird! There’s just NOTHING around! But it is fun, in a way.

And guess what?

Our woof echoes back!!










I just hope Buddy and Shadow doesn’t get too harassed by the long journey ahead.

Shadow was absolutely alright during our recent trip to Goa. He even takes short naps with all four paws punching the air!!

The only problem is, he just refuses to eat anything at all the whole day.

Buddy is, as usual, his very excited self. He refuses to sit down for anything longer than 30 seconds!! Mummy tried giving him some soothing medicine during the trip to Goa but it just seemed to have no effect on him!

But he keeps eating WHATEVER is offered, even in the speeding car! So,except for getting very tired from standing, he does fairly OK.

Don’t worry about me. I just need a lap to sleep on and I’m all set!

Food? Well, I don’t feel like eating much, but I do take a bite on and off.

We have booked hotels at two places for our night halts. How nice that people never say ‘NO’ to us as we move higher up in our country.

What exactly is this problem with Dogs and Southern parts of India?

All this while, while we were here in Hyderabad, planning a holiday has been filled with such trepidations and struggles. We have always had to plead, beg, cajole, request and send written assurances about our worthiness to stay in a hotel before we were allowed to stay in one.

And here Mummy just had to ring up these nice hotels and they already have rooms booked for us, and with a complimentary breakfast too!!

Isn’t that great? Hot smile


Thank You all so very much for your wishes. We love you heaps Red heart




See you in Delhi!!






Monday, May 2, 2011

A New Chapter in World Peace ?




Whatever anyone says, whatever justifications they put forward for this man’s actions, we have just one thing to say - ‘We are relieved to hear this news’.

Redemption, justice - whatever one calls it, we believe this one man’s death was necessary. We are not sure how much the terror scene will change, but yes, all those who lost their lives because of this man certainly deserve this feeling of closure.

Be it in India, America, Pakistan, Afghanistan or elsewhere, thousands of lives have changed as a direct action of this one man’s distorted views on religion and religious beliefs.

We in India know terrorism so well.

The havoc wrecked in our beautiful Kashmir Valley- the Switzerland of the East which is so near yet so unreachable, is just a little drop in the vast, vast ocean of unspeakable mayhem, distrust and racism that this single man’s ideals have created in our country.

We pray his death will change things.

We pray that those who lost their loved ones find peace at last.

We pray for the souls of all those soldiers and security personnel who gave up their lives fighting an insane war started by this man.

How unfortunate a soul you are, Osama, that the world rejoices at your death….