Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What exactly is this FOOTBALL FEVER???

We want to share this joke Mummy received in her mail yesterday.…

A man has great tickets for the World Cup Final. As he sits down,
another man comes down and asks if anyone is sitting in the empty seat
next to him.
“No,” he says, “the seat is empty.”
“This is incredible!” says the other man. “Who in their right mind
would have a seat like this for the World Cup Final, the biggest
sporting event, and not use it?”
“Well, actually, the seat belongs to me. My wife was supposed to come
with me, but she passed away. This is the first World Cup Final we
haven't been to together since we got married.”
“Oh ... I'm sorry to hear that. That's terrible. But couldn't you find
someone else, a friend or relative, or even a neighbour to take the
The man shakes his head. “No, they're all at the funeral...”

Talk of Football fever! Made Mummy wonder about ….**wink****!!

Now for Part 2:
Have you heard of the ‘OCTOPUS ORACLE’ yet?

This 2 year old British origin octopus, now living in Germany in the city of Oberhausen, seems to be the latest in the line of famous oracles!
Daddy is fond of this oracle:

(Matrix trilogy: Daddy must have watched it atleast a GAZILLION times!!)

And Mummy is fond of this:

(Agatha from 'Minority Report'. We suspect it is her 'Saviour' who makes mummy swoon Mummy actually likes)

But an Octopus Oracle!! And that too not out of any Hollywood flick?
We think he is somehow fibbing don’t really know what to make of it.

Paul seems to have predicted correctly about all the four matches Germany has played in the FIFA world cup, including the country’s shocking loss to Serbia!!
His technique is very simple. He picks up his food from a glass container with the flag of the country he thinks will win a certain match! (Click HERE to see Paul in action)
The officials of the Aquarium where he stays have also reported that the duration he takes to decide on the winner indicates the difficulty level or length of the match!!

For example, he took just seconds to pick out Germany as a winner against England indicating the easy 4-1 win. (But of course, it was a 4-2! That referee should be shown a red card!)
Paul has predicted that Germany will win their next match against Argentina. And judging by the length of time he took to predict this (45 minutes, to be precise) this match is going to be a Long, Exciting one, even with the probability of extending to extra-time and penalties!
Well, that remains to be seen.
And we can’t really make up our minds about whether or not to believe a ‘Psychic Octopus’.

Psychic or otherwise, Paul certainly is getting a lot of press, and definitely some extra special treats! What more can an octopus ask for?


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Ethnic Evening...

Remember the twins? Well, it was their Mummy’s birthday last sunday! (Yeah, Buddy’s Gotcha day/their Daddy’s birthday and their Mummy’s too, come within 2 days of each other)

We believe special occasions should be scattered and spaced so that we can have funsy days all year through.
But then, you can’t change dates, can you? You’ve got to celebrate them when they come.

Anyways, Mummy and Daddy went on this lovely 'birthday dinner date' on Sunday night, to a beautiful ethnic Indian restaurant, complete with live music.
Now, why we cannot accompany Mummy on such family outings is something none of us can ever understand.
We have impeccable manners, we look and smell gorgeous (Of late, of green apple!), we are definitely less noisy and nowhere nearly as demanding as the human pups who are allowed to go. And we certainly are Family.
Besides, we so, so enjoy music. Especially soft classical.
Even now, as mummy is typing this, our favourite music is playing in the background. We find it extremely relaxing and can go on listening to it for hours...... Well, at least me.

Buddy snoozes off within 15 seconds of any music! If you want to hasten the process further, add a belly rub!

Here are some of the pictures from that dinner date. The place was resplendent (we used thesaurus for the BIG word!) with Indian Ethnic décor. There was a touch of the old world charm, which is magnificent!

Do you like that chandelier? It wasn’t very huge and opulent but certainly helped create a lot of Light and Shadow effects (which Mummy tried to capture, without much success!)
Chandelier or ‘Candle Holder’ is derived from the French word ‘Chandelle’ meaning candle. (Correct us Lola, if we are wrong here)
They were used to hold up candles in medieval churches and abbeys. It was the swing of a chandelier in the Pisa cathedral that prompted Galileo Galilie to work on the pendulum!
Over time, chandeliers have evolved into works of art. Different reflective materials have been tried.
In the 1800s, Daniel Swarovsky of Austria perfected the art of cutting leaded glass crystals to perfection. Swarovsky chandeliers, today, are some of the most expensive ones in the modern day décor. They no longer hold up candles but certainly add to the glamour and opulence of any room.

Some of India’s magnificent chandeliers are seen in the palaces in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. In fact, the 6th largest chandelier in the world is in Jai Vilas Palace, Gwalior. (Click here HERE if you want to read about 7 largest chandeliers in the world)

That is an elaborate, etched design on a metallic door. Mummy wasn’t feeling adventurous enough or else she would certainly have gone through that door to find any hidden tunnel, if any!

Lovely reflections of light and shadows in the lobby and the corridors.

There were a number of oils for sale.
Mummy liked this the best. It said ‘Price on request’.

Why do they not tell you the price straight away? Not that Mummy had any intention of buying it, though!

That is a lovely copper vase, with intricate designs etched into it.

Live Indian light-classical music…it always makes mummy very nostalgic and dreamy eyed and melancholy…..
Did you notice the chairs? They were wooden, with the same etched designs.

Mummy had a lovely time.

(BusyBee Daddy)

(Finally, he found some time to pose with Mummy)

But every few moments, she kept thinking of the two of us alone at home.
She almost NEVER leaves us back home at night, unless absolutely necessary.
We understand perfectly. The only thing we ask for is a bye-bye treat and our favourite music on the stereo.
We always wag her goodbye and go to sleep; and often, when she comes back and peeps in through the window silently, she finds us snoozing peacefully.
Besides, on occasions such as yesterday’s, we are far more comfortable and safer at home than in the car, with some valet moving it around time and again.

Now, I am a pretty adjusting, quiet and tolerant girl and it would take some very, very intriguing stuff and a lot of coaxing to get me down from the car when Mummy or Daddy aren’t around.
But Buddy eats, breathes and lives for adventure.
He would gladly go explore the garden or look for that imaginary cat.
And he might even decide to track Mummy and Daddy down with his Labra-nose and end up in the dining area! (Mummy secretly thinks that would be one GRRRT story to tell, though!)

Anyways, Mummy almost always brings back something special. Like yesterday she got her share of the dessert doggie-packed for us.
Guess it helps her assuage her guilt!! (We are getting good with big words, don’t you think?!)

OOooo! Mango ice-cream…smells lovely too!
I think we are finally done with pawtying for this week. We need to recover, my birthday is coming up.
It wouldn’t do for a girl to look tired and stressed on her birthday, would it now?


Saturday, June 26, 2010


We have been terribly irregular in visiting you, dear Furiends. Not to mention missing out on a few of our favourite blog activities.
This is a 'Trying to catch up Post'.

We never realised we would have so much difficulty in finding ‘Purple’. It is such a pretty colour and we hardly have much of it in our home.

Mango’ was much easier to find.

(Flower Pots sold on the Road-side.
That symbol is not Hitler's swastika, it depicts 'Ganesha', an elephant God in Hindu Mythology)

(That is a carriage used to take out the Temple Idols in a procession during some festivities.
Though, for the life of us, we cannot imagine why any God would like to go out in a noisy procession in heavy traffic!!)

(A corner of our guest room)

(Mummy's Dupatta: it is a sort of Indian Stole)

(A road-side juice stall)

(Purple and Mango together!Nice co-incidence, don't you think?)

(Buddy found some nice purple flowers in our favourite park)

(Purple in our Goodies shop.That picture makes us think of our puppy Bookerman and Chewy)

(Purple in Mummy's watercolour. She calls it 'A Lazy Afternoon')

(Purple in our bathroom)

(Mummy and Daddy had gone for this musical evening. Do you see Purple and Mango together?)

(A Purple and Mango sunset!)

Hope you liked our colours today. We will definitely get Mummy to visit you soon


Hi Furiends,

Heaps-a-thankies for the Wishes…they made Buddy’s tail go all thump-thump-THUMPY –thump!
Mummy says ‘Thanks a lot’ for the lovely compliments and is happy you guys liked her handiwork. Though, there are a few finishing touches to be made still. (Why is it called ‘finishing touches’? I mean, you have to sew, not touch to finish the project! Oh! whatever…)

Yesterday’s pawty was actually a two-in-one event.
Buddy’s gotcha day + the ‘Twin’s’ Daddy’s birthday!
Mummy went off shopping directly from work.
Objective: Get gifts for them both.
And can you believe it? After window shopping for 3 hours, she couldn’t decide on a gift for her friend and just gave up- to think some more about one!(All suggestions are welcome)
Thank Dog! She was successful in our case. But then, it is easier to shop for us Labradawgs.

I was hoping there will be a special walk for us both in the evening. After all it was Buddy’s Special day. But there was more than that in store for us!
Mummy and Daddy brought back our favouritest most treat.
We love it more than chew-sticks, cakes, eggs and probably anything else you can think of.

It is called ‘Doodh-Peda’ which means ‘milk sweets’ in Hindi.
(There are about a zillion 2000 dialects and roughly 30 languages spoken in India. Thank Dog, for once the Govt. has been sensible and narrowed it down to two official languages- Hindi and English)
They were all gone in 60 6 seconds!(Pun intended)

Then there were those lovely goodies.
Oh! wait. Did I tell you about dinner?

That is ‘Tandoori chicken’, a sort of barbacued chicken.
We however don’t get that outer layer, since mummy worries it might be too spicy for us.
(Of course, daddy always sneaks out some bits when mummy is too busy eating not looking)
Inside it is all soft and juicy and tasty…SLurRP!

There was just one sad spot in our lives yesterday. But we chose to ignore it, like always.

(Kibble!But Mummy assures us that is just back-up food)

And then, when we thought we were done, Mummy told us we were going out to Krazzy and Mogli’s place for the birthday pawty.
Krazzy- Mogli? Did I hear it right?
Oh! I immediately ran out to check if they were here. We so, so enjoy a play-date.
But no, they weren’t here. WE were going to their place!
Mummy took like Forever to get going. But finally, we were there.

The fact that we had already had dinner didn’t stop Buddy from behaving like a starving homeless orphan! How totally embarrassing!

(Our very own Oliver Twist!)

And then, at around half-time of that Japan-Cameroon match (12:45 AM), mummy decided she was done with her incessant chattering offered to leave.
We finally were in the car tired, sleepy, ready to go back to a half night’s sleep.
But no, there was another round of nightly chatter!

Oh well, a dawg might have some fun as well...
We jumped out of the open window got down to examine some nightly peemails and tell some strays about our fun pawty.
Like always, Mummy and Daddy wouldn’t let us talk to the strays, but we did have a nice sniffedition!
And then, FINALLY, we did leave.
I suppose Mummy was tired from talking so much after that long day.
You can imagine how totally snuffed out we all were.
However, I don’t think Mummy got much sleep. I felt her tossing and turning till it was time for her to get up and go to work.
Guess that’s what happens when you out-talk yourself pawty too hard.

Mummy did run away come back from work early and finally slept off the entire afternoon (so she can go back to being an owl again)!!


Pee Ess: Mummy refused to type for me is saving the story behind Buddy’s sitting mat for when she is done giving the ‘finishing touches’ ( How this phrase keeps cropping up!).

Pee Pee Ess: I have got to show you this picture.

That is all that has remained of Buddy’s Big Bone. And he has been at it for just about 31/2 hours! Doesn’t his jaw ache? I wonder!