Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We are going ….

We are terribly sorry we haven’t been able to visit any of you of late or reply to your mails.
The last couple of days have been extremely busy. We just finish ticking off one list when a new longer list crops up from nowhere!!

We are trying to get most of our ‘Shift to Delhi’ related issues sorted before we start for Goa.
After all, Goa is supposed to be a sabbatical and we don’t want to spend our time there thinking and planning about what needs to be done when we are back in Hyderabad!

We just want to cut down our ‘To Do’ list to a minimum so we can relax, explore, take photographs, eat and just enjoy the sea….



Oh! We forgot to tell you!
We did find a really nice sounding place to stay in Goa.

The lady Mummy talked to informed us ‘No swimming in the Pool’ and ‘Damages must be made good in cash’.

We really do not understand what pool she was talking about.
The sea? But she can’t stop us from swimming in the sea, it doesn’t belong to her.
Was she, by any chance, talking about the swimming pool in the resort? But who cares about a tiny swimming pool when you have the WHOLE sea to yourself?
Silly woman!

And what is this thing about damages? Why should she think Mummy and Daddy would damage something? Mummy does sometimes bang things when she is angry but they are pretty well trained and not inclined to ‘Damage property’!

We think the lady in question will learn to trust us better after she meets us all.
The most important thing is that she said ‘Yes’ in spite of all her apprehensions.

It is supposedly a studio apartment close to the sea and we hope to go for our morning walks in the beach! Mummy is rather excited that she will have a nice little kitchenette to try out all her yummy sea food recipes!!
Hope this place lives up to our huge expectations!!!

Our car got a make-over today.  Brand new tubeless tyres which are far safer than the ones with tubes and a huge lying-down space at the back.
Yes, the rear-seats have been removed and a comfortable new mattress installed so we can sleep if we want to.

It will be a long drive, nearly 14 hours. We mean to start very early on the morning of 25th, say around 3 AM, so that we can be in Goa by evening.
But then, we have also kept the option of making a halt midway if the journey gets too tiring.

We are a little worried about Shadow. Though he is very tough and smart, he is still just a puppy. This is going to be his first real long trip and we are worried he might tire.

We will be carrying our satellite net connection and are hopeful we shall be able to sit by the sea and blog by moonlight!


But just in case the net fails us and finding an alternative gets too cumbersome, we want you to know that we might disappear for about a week because we are going on a BEACH HOLIDAY!


We promise to come back with heaps of new stories to tell. Please be safe and keep wagging till we see you again…Open-mouthed smile

Buddy, Ginger and Shadow

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I don’t mean to be offensive but I am just so fed up of people referring to me as ‘Just a street dog’.
Doesn’t vilification amount to misbehaviour, racism and abuse?
I think it does.



Friday, March 18, 2011























HONESTLY!! These guys are cracking me up!






A peaceful nation - so proudly independent, so content, so magnificently brilliant, ravaged by nature. And all we can do is watch.
Watch and read.

Everyday, the events are unfolding on television channels, the internet, the newspapers. Comparisons of the impending Nuclear Disaster being made to the Nuclear Holocaust of 1945, reporters with a stiff,crisp matter of fact manner only goes to show how little we understand about the calamity that has befallen Japan.

A very endearing story is doing the rounds- that of a little Dog refusing to leave his injured friend in spite of all the devastation and imminent danger around him. (Click Here)
Again, an animal sets an example in this world of humans.

We, as Dog Bloggers are fortunate to experience an unique bond - the bond of love that we share for our furry friends. It transcends time, place and nationality.

Let us come together to do our bit for our friends in Japan.
Nothing is too small. Every bit matters. 
Be it donating in kind or cash.
Even posting the collection badge in your blog will help. (It is on our side bar. Please go grab it)
You never know, you might just end up convincing many more to help, who might not have heard of this endeavour, but for your blog.


If clicking on the picture doesn’t take you to the BLOG HOP, try clicking here to go to PAWCURIOUS who is hosting this.

Our heart goes out to those frightened animals - confused, scared, homeless and unable to tell anyone who they are or where they come from. 

We pray for them and also for those kind humans fighting against all odds to help them.

Paws crossed,
Ginger, Buddy and Shadow

Thursday, March 17, 2011

SHOULD WE OR SHOULD WE NOT….That is the Question

That’s our moon tonight.
Looking bright and happy and as serene as ever. Is it really destined to create havoc in just 2 more days?

We are talking about the ‘Lunar Perigree’.
The Lunar Perigree or the Supermoon is a phenomenon when the moon reaches its absolute closest point to Earth.
On March 19th 2011, the moon will be closest to Earth in almost 20 years at just  221,567 miles away.

The proximity of the moon’s gravitational pull presents the possiblity of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other disasters on our planet.
There were Supermoons in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005 with consequent extreme weather conditions. Although science say that the moon’s gravitation affects the earth, opinions are divided.
Many claim the rough weather conditions and Supermoons in the past were mere coincidences!!

Before you start wondering about our sudden interest in astronomy, let us tell you we have a very exciting reason for it.
We are planning a Beach Holiday…!!

I, Buddy, and Shadow have never been to the beach and we keep hearing about what a wonderful place a beach is and how exciting the sea is, from Ginger who has been to one.
Before we leave for Delhi, (which is about 1950 kilometres from the sea-shore) we plan to drive down to one.
Well, actually we want to make it to Goa.

Ahh! Goa
Goa - the Best Beach Holiday destination in India, is also one of our favourites. Located on the south western coast of India, it is easily the most beautiful ‘beach state’ in the country.

The challenge is to find a Pet friendly Hotel. It is difficult. There aren’t many nice and at the same time, reasonably priced places that will take in three dogs.

We feel rather offended at this discriminatory policy.
I mean, we are SUCH good Dogs. We are, almost always, much better behaved than most humans. And we do not mean human pups. We mean Grown-Ups!

Most hotels just say ‘We have a No pets Policy. We don’t want to scare away our guests in peak season!’, when you ring up and ask.

‘Scare away guests’ indeed!
Things need to change. There needs to be more awareness about the right and need of a dog (for that matter-cat, parrot,rabbit, hamster,pig) to go on vacation.
But of course, pet-pawrents need to be more responsible too, to be able to convince these hoteliers how well-behaved their furry freind is.

If only we could find someone to go and convince them. It often works when you talk up front. Mummy is sure she could have out-talked at least ONE amongst these reluctant ones!
But we stay 750kilometres away and we can’t possibly go just to make a booking.
We have our paws crossed something will work out and we will get to go on our holiday.

Actually, we were planning on driving down over this weekend. But considering the predictions of the Supermoon, we are wondering if we should.
Not that we expect something drastic to happen. But it will be a pity if we travel all the way there only to find the beaches shut down.

After all, it is the sea, the waves, the sand that we want to feel….












racin d tide

 share d joke yaar
(The last three pictures are not of Goa
but of Suryalanka, in the South-Eastern coast.
Goa is much more beautiful!)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Shots - STILL LIFE








Monday, March 14, 2011



Finally after 1000 years of Mummy’s birthday, our gift for her arrived yesterday.

We just do not understand how a courier company, claiming to have world class business can be so extraordinarily inefficient!

The entire novelty of a surprise gift was gone due to their inefficiency, because we needed to tell Mummy that we haven’t forgotten or neglected to get her gift but it just hasn’t reached us yet!


It wasn’t exactly an enviable situation. Mummy wanted to know what we had ordered for her and whether it was from Daddy’s list of gifts or Mummy’s own.

It was rather difficult trying to keep it a secret from her.

For your reference, here are the two lists we had the choice to choose from.


Daddy’s List:

1. Any one of these



2. A 52 inch 120 hertz refresh rate 3D LED TV

3. A Home Theatre PC

4. Anything off this shelf!




5. ASUS G53J Super Gaming Laptop and Call of Duty- Black Ops’!



Mummy’s List:

  1. Complete set of Asterix and Obelix Comics
  2. Complete set of Asterix and Obelix Comics
  3. Complete set of Asterix and Obelix Comics
  4. Complete set of Asterix and Obelix Comics
  5. Complete set of Asterix and Obelix Comics


It really was a tough choice but we had managed to reach an unanimous decision.

And judging by the look on her face, we think our choice was right.

What do you think?












book col






gin shadow














Ginger, Buddy and Shadow


Pee Ess: Do you notice a peculiar fish eye effect in our pictures lately? Well, that is because we are forced to use the crappy phone camera these days. The saddest story of our lives is that our beautiful, precious camera ( Panasonic DMC FZ8) is damaged!

Mummy was trying to make Shadow sit down for a photography session and his paw caught the shoulder strap, which SHOULD HAVE BEEN around Mummy’s neck and NOT dangling around!

We want to clarify this right away that it was absolutely and entirely Mummy’s fault and Shadow wasn’t in any way responsible. He is a bouncy little pup and Mummy should know better than to keep shoulder straps of precious cameras dangling about!

We tried to get it repaired but it isn’t worth the expense. So, till the time we get a new camera, we must make do with this very unsatisfactory one available to us at present.



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shadow’s Paw

Shadow’s sprained his paw. The same paw that was injured the day he had come to live with us.

If there was any residual weakness, it was imperceptible. All his wounds and his injured paw had healed pawfectly over the last few months and he has been a very busy, bouncy pup.


In fact, too busy and bouncy for his own good, I think.

I mean, does he have to growl at that leaf rustling against the window pane and stalk that tiny little inconsequential fly on the remotest corner of the ceiling?

For Dog’s sakes, they are not intruders!

We would know. We are Labradawgs, the official sniffers of Dogdom, aren’t we?


But no!

He always insists on checking each and every sound or movement till he has satisfied himself that the perimeter is clear!


I try to ignore his distress calls, especially when they are at snooze time. But then, you can’t really let your puppy brother get into trouble, can you?

What if there really is an intruder?

Most times, I make the perfunctory check and go back to snoozing while he continues his investigations!

So it is little wonder he has sprained his paw again!


We don’t exactly know how it happened. It may have been last evening, when he was after that old lizard that lives behind one of the pictures on our living room wall.








I tried telling Shadow he is just wasting his time.

Mr, Liz NEVER gets down from his lofty abode. However nicely and however many times you ask, he just doesn’t like to make friends.

I know, because I have been trying to convince him (without success, obviously or you would have heard of it!) to get down for nearly two years now.


But Shadow wouldn’t listen to me.

Sigh! Why do Puppies always think they know better?




And then of course, there was this squirrel this morning.

Shadow zoomed past us right after it, flying over a huge big hole, landed on a pebble bed and almost fell over himself!

Not to be deterred, he immediately bounced back on his paws and zoomed off after that squirrel again!

I was in hot pursuit too but as usual, it just climbed up a tree! How unfair!


Anyway, Shadow came back a little tired and we noticed he was limping.

Mummy was terribly worried and fussed over him no end. But he himself seemed absolutely unbothered and after his bath and breakfast, was up to his antics again!


We are worried on his behalf.

We think he should rest his paw and not bounce about or play much. After all we are much heavier than him and might just injure him inadvertently.

But it is very difficult to convince him to sleep or at least, sit and read. He insists on keeping himself busy!

Right now, he seems rather glum that we have decided to snooze instead of taking part in his numerous games.

We don’t like to see him sad.

But then, it is all for his own good.