Friday, March 18, 2011


A peaceful nation - so proudly independent, so content, so magnificently brilliant, ravaged by nature. And all we can do is watch.
Watch and read.

Everyday, the events are unfolding on television channels, the internet, the newspapers. Comparisons of the impending Nuclear Disaster being made to the Nuclear Holocaust of 1945, reporters with a stiff,crisp matter of fact manner only goes to show how little we understand about the calamity that has befallen Japan.

A very endearing story is doing the rounds- that of a little Dog refusing to leave his injured friend in spite of all the devastation and imminent danger around him. (Click Here)
Again, an animal sets an example in this world of humans.

We, as Dog Bloggers are fortunate to experience an unique bond - the bond of love that we share for our furry friends. It transcends time, place and nationality.

Let us come together to do our bit for our friends in Japan.
Nothing is too small. Every bit matters. 
Be it donating in kind or cash.
Even posting the collection badge in your blog will help. (It is on our side bar. Please go grab it)
You never know, you might just end up convincing many more to help, who might not have heard of this endeavour, but for your blog.


If clicking on the picture doesn’t take you to the BLOG HOP, try clicking here to go to PAWCURIOUS who is hosting this.

Our heart goes out to those frightened animals - confused, scared, homeless and unable to tell anyone who they are or where they come from. 

We pray for them and also for those kind humans fighting against all odds to help them.

Paws crossed,
Ginger, Buddy and Shadow


Two French Bulldogs said...

We love this paws for Japan idea
Benny & Lily

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We saw those pups on the News. It is hard to sit by and see everyone suffering. The Paws for Japan is a great idea.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

The Daily Pip said...

Thanks for such a beautiful post. I heard that these two dogs have been rescued. I hope and pray it is true.

Your pal, Pip

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It's a tragic thing when animals are affected in a disaster and there's no one there to help them. I was so grateful that after Hurricane Katrina many people stepped into help those unable to help themselves...I hope the same happens here!!

PS: Many thanks for your kind comments that you left on the passing of our boy Tanner!!

Mariodacat said...

Great post. It's such a sad situation over there, but at least we can all help this way. We don't feel quite as helpless. Thanks for joining in.

Bocci said...

Thanks for your beautifully written post:-)

Teddy Bear said...

Love the idea!:) We've got our paws crossed for all of Japan.

Teddy Bear

Unknown said...

We keep our fingers and paws crossed for those in Japan too!

the booker man said...

ginger, buddy, and shadow,

you are so thoughtful and caring to speak on behalf of our animal friends in japan who need our help after such an awful tragedy! we continue to pray for all of those in japan.

booker and asa's mama

Sierra Rose said...

Paws crossed, very well spoken..our hearts go out to those impacted by this tragedy.
Paws for Japan is incredible! Thank you for posting this.

Sweet hugs,
Sierra Rose