Wednesday, May 23, 2012



It is 43 degrees Celsius today and if the weatherman gets it right, the mercury is set to touch 45 degrees by Friday.


help dry



Last night, we dreamt of those wonderful days we spent by the beach in Goa last year….









Hope it is  a nice, cool weather at your end....


Ginger, Buddy and Shadow




Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chicken Sausages and Salami : tea-time snacking!




We are certain there’s still some left in the refrigerator. Only we can’t get to it.
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Ginger, Buddy and Shadow


It rained. It finally rained on Saturday evening!

If you ignore the fact that it was preceded by the worst dust storm of the season that uprooted trees, disrupted electricity, caused terrible traffic jams in addition to making a mess of the house, it was very much welcome. The after effects are still visible. Of the rain, we mean. It is much cooler outside now.

We had a pretty dull weekend. Mummy had to go operate on this emergency case that came in late Saturday night with a huge abscess in his nose. Couldn’t let him wait till Monday. There was every chance that his nasal cartilage would get damaged and his nose would crumple! So early Sunday morning, Mummy left us to fend for ourselves and disappeared for a good part of the day.

Alright. We are exaggerating a little here. Daddy was very much home and he took us for a long walk and play session in the park and Mummy came back home by mid morning.

But the fact remains that she was working on a Sunday morning and we do not approve of this at all.


For some reason, after breakfast, Daddy had this urge to clean out the store room and get the water pipes and air conditioning serviced!

The store and water pipes job was done but Mummy put her paw foot down. No air conditioning service work THIS Sunday. It will disturb the peace for a good part of our already shortened Sunday.

So finally, we got to take a short afternoon nap and had a yummy late Sunday lunch Daddy had fixed.


bud shad



(Bud couldn’t make up his mind…the blankets or the afternoon sun!)


Daddy loves cooking. He likes to innovate dishes out of the routine stuff we eat everyday. But for a long time now, he hasn’t been getting the time to cook. So Sunday’s surprise lunch was a treat!



(Pasta in White sauce garnished with light fried chicken sausages)



We really love the Met Department. They are just SO dependable. The weather always turns out to be exactly the opposite of what they predict each morning!

Like this front page news on Sunday about Delhites being too happy and smug about the sudden drop in temperatures after Saturday’s storm and that Sunday onwards, next three days will be the hottest.

Well, the cool weather continued throughout Monday and the sun continued to doze behind the clouds!!

Tomorrow is another day…


Hope you all had a great start to your week.



Ginger, Buddy and Shadow



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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just Life…

Right now if you happen to leave a cake mix out in the balcony, it would for sure turn into a cake in half an hour. Mummy left her slippers out there yesterday while she was watering the plants and today morning we found they had developed cracks like you find on the earth’s lithosphere in the hot and arid Sahara. If you so desire you might even heat up water out there and save on cooking gas!

So you get the general idea of the temperatures here in New Delhi these days.

Our plants need to be generously watered at least twice a day and even then they look sad. But in spite of all these signs, Mummy was surviving on less than 1 litre of water per day! She may assume she was contributing towards preserving the earth’s most important resource but we (including Daddy) think she has been utterly moronic. Especially when she decided the other day to go street shopping in this heat with her friend and came back with a huge cramp, bloody urine and fever.

You are right. She’s now gone and developed a renal stone ONCE AGAIN.

So in between taking care of her, one little pigeon puppy (that mummy had rescued from the platform of a crowded metro station), two little eggs that hatched into a pair of pigeons, sleeping, playing and generally being cute our paws were full and we had absolutely no time to spare for blogging.

Hence the long hiatus.

Anyway, Mummy is better now and is concentrating on hydrating herself. Sadly, the little pigeon puppy died. It was too small and fragile and had fallen down from the very high roof of this metro platform and probably was injured. But to our utter delight, the eggs turned puppy pigeons that grew up and flew away! (Full story later)

So now we are back to blogging.

Like we were saying, real summer’s here now to stay. The best thing we like about summers is ICE-CREAM! Mummy and Daddy like to take it with chilled mangoes. We lick it straight off the cups.

We have been taking great efforts to keep our little potted garden fresh and green. In spite of the heat, all our pains to keep the plants alive and vibrant are bearing fruit. Rather, flowers!








There’s this new stretch that is now open for the general public which if Mummy takes to work, it saves her 20 minutes of driving time. The only catch is it is quite quiet and lonely and she wasn’t very comfortable in the beginning.



But beginning yesterday, she found the Delhi Police has stationed mobile Police vans at regular short distances all along that stretch.

How thoughtful of them! She now saves precious morning time and also gets to enjoy the scenic road.

Today’s evening walk was a dusty affair. Instead of the rain we were hoping for so ardently, there was this huge dust storm that came our way. It now looks like the dark menacing clouds that had appeared on the horizon have been blown away by the strong wind.

There were even these little tornadoes that lifted up dry leaves  to as high as 10 feet in the air. Mummy had to dust and vacuum the entire house and we had a good shower with our anti-itch medication. Finally we are all settled.

We are thinking, should we watch a movie or should we catch up on some beauty sleep?

‘Ides of March’ or ‘Revolutionary Road’. Which one…which one…which one?

May be we should just take a vote on this.


Now please do keep safe, have fun and keep wagging…


Ginger, Buddy n Shadow