Monday, September 13, 2010


When Buddy came to live with us some 13 months back, I wasn’t very happy. I had been the sole princess of all I could survey for so long…
But today, I know he knows that I think he is my most exciting playmate, my forever friend and the BESTEST brother a girl can ever ask for.

And I want to Wish my dear brother a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Buddy, We all love you heaps. And we feel blessed to have you in our lives.

We were lucky to get this cute picture of him as a tiny little puppy from his earlier family. Oh! Wasn’t he just too adorable?

Here he is today, all grown up and handsome and so adorable still.
Can you imagine, he turned five yesterday ? He neither looks nor behaves his age though!

There was no birthday cake. If you remember, his tummy wasn’t very good till a week back and we decided it would be prudent to let him be on the ‘careful’ diet he is on.
The cake has been postponed, not cancelled, Buddy. Mummy’s promise!

We both got vanilla ice-cream and cream-milk (Instead of the low calorie, low fat milk Mummy usually gets!).
In the evening, we started off in search of a quiet and peaceful place fit for a special birthday walk.
After a long drive, we found this little rocky hill with just a few scattered groups of people enjoying their own private picnic. They seemed totally disinterested in us which suited us just fine. (Though Mummy always wonders how anyone can not want to come talk to a lovely Labradudette and a Handsome Labradude!!)

We had a lovely time exploring the new place and as dusk set in, we walked into the sunset and bid the birthday-sun goodbye for yet another year.

Back home, there was Ginger-Garlic Chicken for dinner. After a hearty meal Buddy went off to sleep, making sure to confiscate the book mummy is reading so she won’t shirk from typing this birthday post for him!
(She is still late though. This was supposed to be published yesterday night, on his birthday. But we guess we can excuse her. She had a lot to do)

Buddy’s Birthday Wish:
To go visit a beautiful quiet beach, splash in the waves, listen to the wind sing, watch a sunset and leave some paw-prints for someone to remember him by.

Buddy’s Birthday Resolution:
To donate to the local Animal Shelter

Mummy has promised to help him keep his resolution.
It will be easier than to fulfil his wish. The nicest and nearest beach is about 750 kilometers away. But Mummy has promised we will make it happen too.

May all your dreams come true.
Heaps of licks and wags,

PET PRIDE is where you can get your birthday registered.
Go meet BoZo n his Human who hosts this meme.

Also Thanks to Cookie who is flagging off a new meme ' PHOTOS of ALL FIDS 


Kari in WeHo said...

Happy Birthday!


Lola said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! This is quite the month for birthdays for some of our very best furiends. September must have been a great month for doggies. I think the vanilla ice cream was a good choice.

Ginger, I know just what you mean about the brother thing. I was kind of back and forth about the whole thing at first, but now he's very important to me.

lotsa licks, Lola

Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy birthday, Buddy! We can't wait to see you racing along the water's edge at the beach!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!

What a special celebration!

Thanks fur sharing it with us!


Mariodacat said...

Happy Birthday to Buiddy. You both look so much alike, it's hard for me to tell you apart. I do know you are both very cute, gentle looking doggies.

i beati said...

Buddy very special very lucky

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Hey, happy birthday to Buddy!!! Five is a wonderful number. Your Mom got some awesome photos there in this post. Your garlic chicken sounds very yummy too.

We know that you and Ginger are just the perfect match - and love each other very much.

Have a wonderful and healthy year ahead.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

scotsmad said...

Belated happy birthday, Buddy. Looks like you had a very special day!

We read the Ginger-Garlic chicken wrong, and had a fright for a second!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

houndstooth said...

Happiest of Birthdays, Buddy! We hope you don't have to wait too long to get that cake!


Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday, Buddy!
Sure you had a pawesome time celebrating your big day!
Kisses and hugs

Chewy said...

Happy birthday buddy!

Paws and Licks

hero said...

Happy 5th Barkday to Buddy!... and many more to come... the walk on the rocky hill at sunset was pawsome and so was the beach. You have such a great bro, Ginger.

Licks, hero

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Happy Birthday dear Buddy!!!! We wish all of your dreams come true! Lots of love, Holly

Mr. Pip said...

Happy Birthday, Buddy! Hope you have a great day!

Your pal, Pip

doyle and mollie said...

oh buddy what a fabulous birthday you had and to think there's gonna be a belated cake too - woof hoo sweet boy... loves and licks

Busy Buttons said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! My birthday is next weekend -- Sept. 18. I'm going to be 10 years old.

I hope I get to have as much fun on my birthday as you had on yours!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! Great post, Great photos. We hope your wish comes true!

Thank you for coming over and joining our meme, best wishes..

Corina, Cookie and the flock @ Photos of all Fids

Teddy Bear said...

Happy Barkday, Buddy! It looks like you had a pawesome day!!!:)

Teddy Bear

magiceye said...

happy birthday buddy!!!!
hope you have a woofing time!!

woof woof
from bozo
Pet Pride

jabblog said...

Happy Birthday, Buddy boy. What a lovely place you walked in and the sunset is just fabulous.

Maggie Mae said...

Happy Happy Barkday to you Buddy!
Tank youz fur being a good furiend too.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Fred said...

Happy birthday to Buddy! Nice to meet you two!

snoopydog said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! What a great day to find your blog. Thanks for leaving a kind commentBuddy and Ginger. So pleased to meet you guys! I love to make new friends. Oscar and RosX

The Chair Speaks said...

Happy Belated Birthday Buddy!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Happy Belated Birthday Buddy!! Lola talked about you on her blog and I thought I would come over and make some new friends. Would like to be friends with us?? I am Fern the Animal Lover and my dog is Bambi (at almost 13 years old)
Come see us OK???
XO, Fern & Bambi

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Happy Happy Birthday! what a day you had. PAWSOME. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

the booker man said...

miss ginger,
you are a super duper wonderful sister to buddy! i think you have written a most wonderific post for your brother's birthday!

your birthday walkie looked so very beautimous, and the ice cream and ginger chicken sounded yummy yummers!
make sure you get your tummy back to 100% really quick like so you can remind your mama about the birthday cake she owes you. teehee! oh, and btw, my house is pretty close to the beach, so you can come visit me and asa any time you want, and we can go play in the ocean and do zoomies in the sand!! :)

the booker man

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday Buddy! Glad I didn't totally miss it :)

Back waggin at ya,

Anonymous said...

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- Norman