Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hi Furiends,

Heaps-a-thankies for the Wishes…they made Buddy’s tail go all thump-thump-THUMPY –thump!
Mummy says ‘Thanks a lot’ for the lovely compliments and is happy you guys liked her handiwork. Though, there are a few finishing touches to be made still. (Why is it called ‘finishing touches’? I mean, you have to sew, not touch to finish the project! Oh! whatever…)

Yesterday’s pawty was actually a two-in-one event.
Buddy’s gotcha day + the ‘Twin’s’ Daddy’s birthday!
Mummy went off shopping directly from work.
Objective: Get gifts for them both.
And can you believe it? After window shopping for 3 hours, she couldn’t decide on a gift for her friend and just gave up- to think some more about one!(All suggestions are welcome)
Thank Dog! She was successful in our case. But then, it is easier to shop for us Labradawgs.

I was hoping there will be a special walk for us both in the evening. After all it was Buddy’s Special day. But there was more than that in store for us!
Mummy and Daddy brought back our favouritest most treat.
We love it more than chew-sticks, cakes, eggs and probably anything else you can think of.

It is called ‘Doodh-Peda’ which means ‘milk sweets’ in Hindi.
(There are about a zillion 2000 dialects and roughly 30 languages spoken in India. Thank Dog, for once the Govt. has been sensible and narrowed it down to two official languages- Hindi and English)
They were all gone in 60 6 seconds!(Pun intended)

Then there were those lovely goodies.
Oh! wait. Did I tell you about dinner?

That is ‘Tandoori chicken’, a sort of barbacued chicken.
We however don’t get that outer layer, since mummy worries it might be too spicy for us.
(Of course, daddy always sneaks out some bits when mummy is too busy eating not looking)
Inside it is all soft and juicy and tasty…SLurRP!

There was just one sad spot in our lives yesterday. But we chose to ignore it, like always.

(Kibble!But Mummy assures us that is just back-up food)

And then, when we thought we were done, Mummy told us we were going out to Krazzy and Mogli’s place for the birthday pawty.
Krazzy- Mogli? Did I hear it right?
Oh! I immediately ran out to check if they were here. We so, so enjoy a play-date.
But no, they weren’t here. WE were going to their place!
Mummy took like Forever to get going. But finally, we were there.

The fact that we had already had dinner didn’t stop Buddy from behaving like a starving homeless orphan! How totally embarrassing!

(Our very own Oliver Twist!)

And then, at around half-time of that Japan-Cameroon match (12:45 AM), mummy decided she was done with her incessant chattering offered to leave.
We finally were in the car tired, sleepy, ready to go back to a half night’s sleep.
But no, there was another round of nightly chatter!

Oh well, a dawg might have some fun as well...
We jumped out of the open window got down to examine some nightly peemails and tell some strays about our fun pawty.
Like always, Mummy and Daddy wouldn’t let us talk to the strays, but we did have a nice sniffedition!
And then, FINALLY, we did leave.
I suppose Mummy was tired from talking so much after that long day.
You can imagine how totally snuffed out we all were.
However, I don’t think Mummy got much sleep. I felt her tossing and turning till it was time for her to get up and go to work.
Guess that’s what happens when you out-talk yourself pawty too hard.

Mummy did run away come back from work early and finally slept off the entire afternoon (so she can go back to being an owl again)!!


Pee Ess: Mummy refused to type for me is saving the story behind Buddy’s sitting mat for when she is done giving the ‘finishing touches’ ( How this phrase keeps cropping up!).

Pee Pee Ess: I have got to show you this picture.

That is all that has remained of Buddy’s Big Bone. And he has been at it for just about 31/2 hours! Doesn’t his jaw ache? I wonder!


little princess Luna~ said...

omd~!! happy (belated) gotcha day buddy~!! i am so sorry we missed a most special post. :(

but wow--my tail is wagging w/ excitement looking at all the goodies~!! i am sure you will enjoy them all to the fullest~!! :D


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh my!

What pawesome nom nom noms!

Thanks fur sharing!


houndstooth said...

I am drooling all over the keyboard!! I can't even think straight! Chicken! Oh, my stomach is growling! You are so lucky!


Anonymous said...

What a Most Momentous and Happy Pawty Day! Can you ask your mommy to explain those snackies you had earlier? They kind of looked like chicken nuggets to me. But they're milky and sweet? So very interesting!

Tandoori chicken is DEE-lish for sure! Whenever mom and dad go to the Indian buffet here, they always sneaks out a little of that stuff for us (cuz they luv us and all).

I can't wait to hear all abouts the sitting mat!

Wiggles & Wags,

Maggie Mae said...

It just looks like you guys had so much fun celebrating Buddy's special day. I wishes we lived closer, I would have luvs to have celebrated with you....sigh. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Lola said...

What a great day you had. So great, in fact, that it's probably nice to get back to a normal routine. All that food looked pawsome. Tandoori chicken is quite popular here, although I don't believe I've ever had it. There are lots and lots of Indian restaurants here. It's a popular cuisine. I don't about those milk sweets, though. I wonder if an Indian grocer would have them. I must send the Moms to look. We're not even that suprise about the bone. Labradawgs can chew through everything, I think. Can't wait for the finishing touches to be done so we can learn about the sitting mat.

wags, Lola

scotsmad said...

3 1/2 hours of chewing? Man, we need those. Everything we get is gone in about 20 minutes!

Great party.....chicken and sweets BEFORE lucky dogs.

Alpha says She has to repair things when she finishes sewing before they can be used.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Teddy Bear said...

Looks like a great pawty...and with yummy food! Good job on that chew bone, Buddy. Did you finish it?

Teddy Bear

jabblog said...

Well, you Labradors certainly had a very busy and enjoyable day. It's so good when you can go out with your humans to see friends. Perhaps you'll have a quiet weekend?

the booker man said...

wowsers! what a totally awesome party and what totally awesome foodables!! can you woof more about those doodh-peda, miss ginger? what do they taste like? it almost looks like raw sugar cookie dough. mmmmm.
buddy does all of us labradudes proud with his way excellent bone chewing skills! good work!!
the booker man

pee s -- i hope your mummy is all caught up on her sleepies now. :)