Thursday, December 9, 2010

My First ‘Life Lessons’

‘U’ is for ‘US’
US – I, Shadow, my big brother Buddy, my big sister Ginger, Mummy and Daddy
I don’t exactly remember when I first met Mummy. I must have been just about 31/2 to 4 months old then.

When I followed her home and found Ginger and Buddy at her gate, I knew I had found a place where I’d like to stay furever.


Though I couldn’t stop wagging at Ginger & Buddy and them at me, I was, at first, rather intimidated by them.
They seemed so big and had such big barks!
Little did I know that day that they would, one day, be family to me.
Today, I have realised that wishes do come true. You just have to wish hard from the depth of your doggy heart.
It has been a month now since that fateful dark night, brightly lit by gay Diwali lamps, when I came to live here with my furever family.
Yes, a month already!
And what a month!

It has been a journey of discovery & learning for all of us.
From the lost, little pup that I was when I came home, I have come a long way.

In fact, Mummy says I am a ‘Miracle Pup’!

But, to be honest, it hasn’t really been very hard for me. After all, I have had two of the BEST teachers in the world, my big sister and my big brother.
Not a day goes by when I do not learn something new from them.

I guess I am one lucky pup to have such loving and gentle teachers.
These are some of the ‘Life Lessons’ I have learnt in the last month.
1. A good walk is the bare essential necessity of life. Enjoy it to the fullest.



2. Always be connected to Mother Nature and never forget your roots.



3. The best view from the car is through the rear window.


4. It is important to ALWAYS keep the perimeter clear.


5. Tug-of-war and Bitey-face are the best games ever.


6. Unlike what I thought in my early days, the bed is much more comfortable than the cold floor.

7. Mummy keeps heaps of yummables in the big, cold box.

8. If you want a treat, you’ve got to sit down and await your turn.

9. If you can get the look right, you will definitely get an extra table treat.

10. The couch belongs to Ginger & Buddy. But I do get my moments on it.



11. The bean-bag belongs to me. But Daddy is the comfiest sitting bag!


12. A good, cozy sleep is every pup’s birth right.


AND the MOST IMPAWTANT lesson of all:

I have some of the most pawsome friends in the world, my blog friends, who already love me, even though I am only just beginning to know them.

Thank you, big sis and big bro, for sharing your friends, your blog, your toys and your life with me.
I love you-Furever!


Pee ess:

Hi, Gingin & Budboy here.
This post, Shadow’s first, was meant to be posted on 7 Dec- his one month Gotcha Day.
But the last few days passed by in a whirlwind of activities, with hardly a breather.
We are terribly sorry we haven’t been visiting anyone at all. But life should be back to normal in a few more days and we hope to catch up with everyone soon. Promise.
Thanks to the Unparalleled ABC Team for inspiring Shadow to write about US!

Have a great day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Shadow! What a great name for you :)

Glad you found your forever home with Buddy, Ginger and your special pawrents :)

Waggin at your cute special self,

Roger Owen Green said...

Very entertaining canine conversation!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Unknown said...

Shadow, I am so glad you have found your voice and told us your story of a new home and good buds and great mummy and daddy!
Wags to all!
HelenMac, ABC Wednesday team

the booker man said...


dude! you wrote a super duper awesome sauce first post!! :)
okie dokie, so a big 'n hooge happy a little over a monthiversary being in your forevarrr home!!! me 'n asa are just so full of the thankies that your mama and daddy and miss gingin and buddy adopted you into their pack. just like you woofed, they really are mega special!
you know, you are way smart like for being so young! your life lessons are all right on! that one about sittin' and waitin' for your turn is especially true at my house. sometimes, i get so excited that my hiney keeps bouncin' up from the ground, and mama will not give me my treatsie until i put it back on the floor. heehee.

the booker man

pee s -- we loooooove the picture of you snoozin' with the big stuffie! mama was in a total squeeeeee fest when she saw it!! :)

Molly the Airedale said...

Happy 1 month gotcha day, Shadow! We are so very, very happy for you!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

snoopydogknits said...

Shadow, you are adorable, just like your big brother and sister. You write a very good blog post too :-). We love you all to bits! Have a fun weekend. Ros and Oscar

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

It's great being a part of Us and not just a Me. Sounds like you've found the right family.

We love all the pictures.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Anonymous said...

Oh, Shadow, your postie made my mom all leaky. (But don't worry. She tends to spring leaks kinda often.) You sure have learned lots in your one month living with your Most Perfect Family That Ever Was. You're most definitely living the life that everydoggie should be able to live. Do you know how very much lucky you are? Yep...I bet you do!

Wiggles & Wags,

animal lover, quilt lover said...

So happy you got a good home. I wish every puppy was so lucky!!!

Remington said...

I love this post! Thank you for sharing!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Here's to many many many more months and posts from SHADOW!


Teddy Bear said...

Happy 1 Month Gotcha Day to you, Shadow! Those are great life lessons! And that bean bag does look super comfy!:)

Teddy Bear

The Daily Pip said...

We do love you, Shadow! Your story is the perfect story of hope and love and not giving up! Thanks for reminding us of what is really important in life.

Your pal, Pip

Bonnie Kenaz-Mara said...

Aw--We're a 3 dog family, too, and 2 of them were rescues.

houndstooth said...

Shadow, you've found the best home in the world! Buddy and Ginger are super sweet, and I'm sure they'll teach you all you need to know. It warms my heart to see you living the good life that all dogs should have!


♥ Sallie said...

We love you, Shadow!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Shadow, you did such a great job for your first post. We are so happy that you decided to choose Buddy and Ginger and their humans for your foreever home - they are the best.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

koko said...

What a lovely post, Shadow... and Happy 1-month Gotcha Day! Your life lessons are definitely uplifting and thanks for reminding us of the little important things in life.

Licks, hero

The Chair Speaks said...

Wow, Shadow, you've grown bigger and definitely handsome in a month!

Meeka said...

It's been a month already? Time flies when you're having fun.

Mr Koda said...

WOW Shadow you have done very well and learning so many things! With many more learnings to come!

Mariodacat said...

You are one very lucky pup. I so happy dis family took you in and gave you such a wonderful home. It's easy to see dat you are very loved too.

The Luke said...

Happy One Monf Anniversary, Shadow!!! You sure have learned a lot... and fast! Love and Forever Families are the best teachers of all!

wif love from the Luke

Scooter said...

Hey Shadow!
Great list and you definitely have them right! These are all the best things in a doggies life.
Grr and Woof,

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

What an excellent first post, young Shadow! You've sure learned a lot in a short time. Good to see you & Buddy can safely mingle with Ginger again. Happy First of MANY, MANY Gotcha Months! And we're very happy to see your photo finally made it onto the banner at the top of your web site. A very good sign.

Jed & Abby