Saturday, May 3, 2014

Any Snoozing preferences?




There's no way he can fit under that coffee table but Buddy insists on snoozing at that spot, twisting and turning and fidgeting and grunting and oftentimes falling asleep with his head hanging over the wooden bar. Hence the pillows so he doesn't wake up with a stiff neck.

Maybe he is worried the sky will fall on his head- this constant obsession of sleeping 'under something'!
In another life,  he might have been in Gaul. Budmatix? !!





My Shadow Puppy, true to his name, forever follows me around untiringly till I settle down, when he’d come cozy up to me. Often, he would wait outside the bathroom attached to the utility room and fall asleep in this favourite corner of his!

And to my utter distress, almost always in weird positions I am convinced will give him a sprained neck someday!









Ginger is my 'shadow dog' too. She follows me around EVERYWHERE - ever since she was a pup till this time and date - come rain n thundershowers when she'd pull me by my skirt insisting I hurry up and settle down ;or come hot summer winds when she'd wait patiently hot and panting, unwilling to go settle in the airconditioned rooms till I'm done.

However,when it comes to matters of sleep, Ginger simply doesn't believe in inconveniencing herself !

She wants her floor cushions or the bed or the sofa or the garden seater. Her Royal Highness wouldn't lie down but pace around looking rather displeased until the bed is made, the cushions dusted and straightened and the sheets changed!!

My fussy Princess!!




It’s very dry, dusty and hot outside. Typical May in Delhi. Though we look skywards and hope for rains the dark clouds that come floating by float away unrelenting and we are stuck with a merciless sun! Everything around looks starved for water which is why I fished out this last picture from our walks one beautiful rainy morning when the world around had burst into a myriad hues of green…

Have a lovely weekend, Friends! Hope your days are greener than ours!




Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Well, naturally Ginger being a GIRL has more sense. We think Buddy does look more comfortable than Shadow even if he has to work harder to achieve his preferred position.

XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

Kelly said...

My girls (and boy) all end up in the oddest positions at times. Yours look so sweet, regardless of what position they're in. :)

Mariodacat said...

It was so interesting to learn more about each of your adorable doggie and we loved the pictures. M was going "awwwwwwwww."

24 Paws of Love said...

Our dogs really don't have any odd places or positions, they spoiled with couches, beds and comfy chairs. Hardly anyone sleeps on the floor.

But your dogs are look so sweet and adorable. How can they be comfortable like that? Another great mystery. lol

Hope you had a great weekend and get rain soon. ☺