Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Staycation!


A scorching 43+ degrees centigrade, an umpteen number of heartrending, nerve wrecking events in addition to work and regular life in the past two weeks were all brewing into the perfect recipe for a nervous breakdown – it was all just too much.

We put our paws down!

We need a break. NOW!


Flurry of plans – do we escape to the Himalayas or find a quiet resort in some other place?

A dog needs, once in a while, to rediscover himself. What better way to do that than to go lose oneself in the hills – away from the city lights, the internet, phones – just breath in the fresh clean air, listen to the birds and watch the twinkling stars in the night sky. (Do you know? We never see the stars here in Delhi clearly. The lights are perpetually on and the haze dulls the view.How sad!)


But it wasn’t to be. What’s that saying? – ‘A dog proposes but Mummy disposes’.

Well, apparently hill–climbing was out of the question because Buddy still hasn’t recovered fully from his limp.

So, after much deliberation, we decided to make it a ‘STACATION- Stay-at home-holiday’.

Which is the reason why we disappeared without pupdating you about Sheru and without telling you the incident with the Girls – Daffodil and Lily. (A harrowing incident – but the girls are fine now. We’ll come to it later)

We were on a HOLIDAY! No phones(at least not work related), no facebook, no blogging – just a Holiday!

Plenty of good food, some photography, some movies, exploring our museums, the cultural events and exhibitions by day and the city parks by evening.










When night fell, we went on long drives, played fetch in the parks at India Gate till they switched off the lights at the monument and almost everyone else but the lone ice-cream man hoping we will buy yet another ice-cream, left.




























It was rather fun. And it seems to have ended too soon.

And we all seem to have got back from the brink of losing our sanity!

There was this terrifying storm that lashed our city last evening with a ferocity it seemed like the world was at it’s end. All due to the intense heat of the last few days creating a low pressure zone. As dust blew at speeds of 90 kilometers per hour many lives were lost, trees uprooted, electricity suspended and thousands lay stranded in the underground metros and massive traffic jams. Thankfully, our corner of the city escaped without much damage except for a few uprooted trees.


Thanks a lot for all your wishes for Sheru. We have been in touch with the shelter and Mummy & daddy went visiting him. He is recovering well. There’s a storm alert so it isn’t really a good idea to try bring him home this evening as per the original plan. If all goes well, we might go fetch him tomorrow morning. And if the vet gives a thumbs-up, he might get pampered at a dog-spa before he comes home!








Hope you are all well and hope your summer isn’t as harsh and un-relenting as ours.



Ginger, Buddy and Shadow





scotsmad said...

Good news about Sheru...we'll still keep our paws crossed. Glad you could get out and about for your staycation.

Now, importantly, who has to keep that tree sculpture so shiny! Just wondering.

XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

Kelly said...

Your staycation sounds wonderful! Always nice to take advantage of all the great things to see and do that are close to home. I thought of you when I saw the news about the horrible dust storm! Glad to know you made it through okay.

Also glad to hear Sheru is improving. :)

snoopydog said...

Looks as though you have had a lovely break. So pleased that dear Sheru is coming home. He looks such a dear old fellow! Love to you all. Rosx