Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Simpson’s story


Did you know? The co-creator of The Simpson’s, Sam Simon, is dying of cancer and he is giving away his millions to help save the earth.

Sam, born Samuel Simon, wanted to be an animator. No wonder he ended up creating one of the most famous and beloved of cartoon families – The Simpson’s. Sam is credited as "developing [the show's] sensibility and with being "the real creative force behind The Simpsons”.

"In the beginning, I was skeptical it could be successful, but I was not skeptical it could be good. I was hoping for 13 episodes that my friends would like. It's a good lesson, isn't it? If you do something trying to make your friends laugh and that you can be proud of, you can also be successful."

—Simon on his work on The Simpsons.




In 1993, Simon left the show because "not enjoying it anymore," and wished to pursue other projects, and "that any show I've ever worked on, it turns me into a monster. I go crazy. I hate myself."

He negotiated an agreement to be credited as the Executive producer in all further shows and to receive a part of the royalty income annually. It wasn’t much in the initial days but as the show’s popularity increased, Simon earned about $20-30 million annually despite not working on the show since 1993


Simon apparently once said,  "When I was there I thought I was underpaid. I thought I wasn't getting enough credit for it. Now, I think it's completely the opposite. I get too much credit for it. And the money is ridiculous”.


In 2002, Simon founded the Sam Simon Foundation which is a multi-million dollar self funded organisation he set up to save strays and homeless dogs. He retrains stray dogs as service dogs in his mansion in Malibu, California, especially to assist the deaf and help soldiers returning from wars to overcome post traumatic stress disorders, thus saving many lives.

In 2012, Simon was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer and was given months to live. As the disease spread to various parts of his body, Simon started giving away his millions to charity funding various projects working to save the earth’s animal kingdom which led to him being known as ‘THE SUPERHERO who protects the Animal Kingdom’.


One amongst many of his  ‘Saving the precious animals on earth’ ventures is being the honorary Cove guardian of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

This society was the first to bring to the notice of the world the annual  hunt and slaughter of thousands of dolphins, porpoises and small-toothed whales that occurs throughout Japan from September 1 to March 1 as these creatures migrate past Taiji. This society believes only external pressure from the rest of the world to stop barbaric hunts and captures of Dolphins and whales will make the government of Japan take notice.


We as humans have forgotten the interconnectedness we have to nature and to all life on this planet. As we overfish the oceans and decimate entire families of dolphins and whales at a time, we are destroying the ocean along with them -- an ecosystem that we ourselves need to survive. There are many children, who don't want to see that happen, and they will lead the way, but we all have to do our part and the time to act is now. Sea Shepherd is not just defending the oceans, but safeguarding nature and the planet for future generations,"




As Simon goes about living his last days on earth saving the animals he so loves, he has arranged his fortune to be distributed to various animal and conservation organisations.

The world could certainly do with more people like him. But then Superheroes do not walk the earth ever so often, do they?



(Daddy is the BIGGEST Simpsons fan in our family!)




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Mariodacat said...

Great post, and I did not know that about him. How sad that he's dying. He's incredibly talented.

24 Paws of Love said...

I have always loved the Simpsons, though I rarely watch it anymore. What a great guy helping the world. I wish more of them were like that.

Kelly said...

What an interesting post! I'm one of those rare individuals who has never seen The Simpsons. On the other hand, I have a brother who I don't think has ever missed an episode!

Jake of Florida said...

No, I didn't know any of this. Thank you for telling the story.

Superheros are often among us; we just don't know who they are because they stay under the radar, unlike celebrities who are famous just for being out there.

xxxx Joan and JH