Saturday, April 12, 2014

An Omen!


It is one of those days when there are so many things to do and I just have no desire to do ANYTHING! Thankfully, I do not have to be at work today.

All I want to do is curl up with my book and maybe drift off to sleep, if the book will allow that is!


Must be the weather and the fact that I haven’t been feeling very well for the last couple of days. Much as we are trying to hold on to the vestiges of spring, summer is slowly but surely creeping in. Delhi gets dusty at this time of the year as the hot winds blowing east from the deserts of Rajasthan lifts the dust from the ground that hasn’t bathed for a long time now.

It hasn’t been that bad yet – the dust and the winds- but the dry air is enough to make your skin itchy and flaky and to leave you thirsty in spite of repeated glasses of chilled juices ( that will surely see you heavier by a few pounds before summer’s end!)


Buddy, Ginger and Shadow are blissfully lost in their afternoon dreams. Buddy out in the balcony on the cool floor under the seater, Ginger on one of the larger floor cushions in the living room and Shadow in the utility room near the clothes dryer.








I haven’t quite figured out why he likes that particular spot but may be it has to do with the fact that the early morning sun, after it’s daily ritual of bathing that spot, moves west leaving it refreshed ,cool and shaded for the day. Also adjacent to it is the smaller of my potted gardens in the balcony I use for my gardening needs, which consequently remains far more untidy than the large balcony that is spotlessly clean not only because Buddy uses it’s floors but also it’s our coffee spot!

But from this little garden wafts in the smell of freshly watered earth that is so refreshing it gives you the illusion of being outdoors, which Shadow seems to relish.




Shadow, however, will invariably come lie down next to me the moment he realises I’ve settled down, pushing me with his head against my neck, for a spot on the pillow or the cushion.

Ginger will keep asking to be invited to join me, with sleepy half open eyes, as if she expects me to carry her over to wherever I’m settling down. I wish I could. How I miss that sprightly little puppy doll that jumped up into my arms at the smallest of excuses!!




Buddy, of course, will not budge from the large green balcony. Green because of the larger of my beloved potted gardens that he so seems to love. Unless I’m munching on something. He’d then come sniffing sleepily only to take his bite and go back to snoozing on the balcony, though he’ll keep shifting from the seater to under it to under the large bottle brush plant, trying to find a spot cooler than the last.




When I looked up at the sky this morning through the green foliage of my potted plants, I noticed it was that very beautiful shade of blue that is so elusive in our city due to the dusty haze that you’d have to google ‘sky blue colour’ to remember it, and even then you’d have nothing to compare the shade with unless you have a colour palette!

Even our mundane modernistic apartment building looked to me very much like one of those lovely Scottish castles from yonder years.








May be it’s an omen.

Such a lovely day shouldn’t go waste.

It certainly deserves a good book!








Mitch and Molly said...

You guys all look so comfy and your flowers are so beautiful! Have a relaxing Saturday!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

scotsmad said...

A good book, drink of your choice and a stint on the balcony. Maybe you could fit in a walk.

Our weather is being beautiful. We've had some rain, so everything is green and dust is down. It's also cooler.

XXXOOO Bella & Roxy (who think your tiles look so cool.)

snoopydog said...

Fabulous pics of the 'kids'! Sounds like the perfect way to spend some weekend time! Ros

Mr. Pip said...

I just love these pictures can almost feel the warm, dusty air. They really capture your words. And of course, the flowers are beautiful!

Ruby (and Angel Pip)