Thursday, August 8, 2013

Taking a leaf out of….


…..Mooch’s book.




For all intents and purposes, felines are simply not our type. But in Mooch’s case, we make an exception. He seems like a good kid  - silly sometimes but good.  ( If u don’t know Mooch you can read about him and his friend Earl – a dog!!- at Mutt Comics)

And today he was really bang on!

Looking up at the sky you would think we lived in the Scottish highlands, the way it has been persistently raining for the last three days!! However, the scenery around here isn’t as appealing….there are far too many buildings and noisy cars and busy people here in Delhi instead of the lovely Scottish castles and hills and greenery.

Only the rain pours down as heavily and persistently, and the skies are dark and overcast!!


Ginger went off to sleep even while she was waiting to be dried after her bath (of course she had to get up and re-sleep later)  and Buddy immediately after breakfast, even before we saw Mummy and Daddy off to work!!






It was entirely upon me to make sure the perimeter was secure - the pigeons cooing outside shooed away, the noisy maid at the next door neighbor’s scared away with a sharp rebuke, the fluttering curtains and the open windows checked, just in case.

Once satisfied, I settled down for yet another conversation with Mr. Lizard who likes to hang out high up on the ceiling. His half hearted attempts at getting down to the floor doesn’t amuse me at all. I wish he would muster up the courage and come play with me. I mean, I am not some lizard slayer or something.

But like always, he persisted in his antics tirelessly. Sometimes I suspect he likes teasing me.

Anyway, enough was enough!

It was too good a day to waste. So I thought of Mooch and finally fell asleep.












Anonymous said...

In Delhi, the world makes sense when we sleep. Thanks for ringing the wisdom yet again, Ginger Buds and Shadow:)

scotsmad said...

We had a VERY cold, rainy day....almost sleet. So we did lots of sleep catch ups!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Kelly said...

I love Mutts. :) I've grown to love kitties, too, now that I have several grandcats. But hey, I'll always be a dog person at heart.

Shadow, Buddy and Ginger all look SO comfy!

jabblog said...

Sleep is the best way to get rid of a dismal day:-)