Friday, August 16, 2013

Sort of Philosophizing….

Post Independence day blues…
It was all very nice to feel glorious on D day, flaunt the flag, eat, sing, be merry, shop, dance and generally be joyous but when you read the monochrome newsprint in between the vibrant greetings in national colours and the huge bold print advertisements of tempting sales in a myriad stores, you are once again reminded of how much India still has to achieve after 66 years of independence…
Scams in both politics and sports, unbelievable news of racial discrimination in a secular republic ( a shopping mall in Ahmedabad apparently collected entry fees from Muslim patrons on Eid!) , gender discrimination that even an IAS officer can’t seem to escape, almost non-existent animal protection law, relentless border tensions with Pakistan,  and even as we celebrated our freedom yesterday 18 Navy men remained missing while rescue personnel failed to enter the sunken submarine in Colaba naval dock.
Generally speaking, I am politically aware but not politically inclined. I take the effort to read the papers but choose to linger and think more about the life-style and living supplements. Somehow, I believe there is nothing that can be resolved by positive thinking. An outright ‘half full glass’ person!
Which is why I am assuming it is the weather that is getting to me. I’m at home today and normally this would be reason enough for me to be happy! But the world outside has been a gloomy shade of grey since morning like those end of the world movies and the newspaper seemed to make it all the more ominous!
Must go do something to get a hang of things. There’s this painting I‘d stopped working on a long time ago. If I could get myself to get the paint and brushes out and sorted, I’d like to work on it again. But since I do not have a magic wand like everyone in Harry Potter’s world, I will need to get the things out myself, dust and set them and it just seems too much of an effort right now. Then again, there’s this cushion cover I was stitching which remains half done. But the same magic wand theory applies here!!
Somehow picking up a book and drifting off to sleep seems much more appealing!!! After all I will need to do justice to all those marvelous books I picked up last week in yet another season clearance sale. Besides the fact that if you want to snap out of the gloom engulfing you, you need to follow your therapist’s advice and right now my three therapists are…errr…recharging!!


The book that I’ve chosen? ‘BUDDHISM for SHEEP’ by Chris Riddell.This one is seriously set to make you ponder.....


P.S.: It was lying on my bed-stand so I could manage without the wand!


Annie & Pauls Mom said...

I have that same feeling about the kitchen curtains or the snaps for my duvet cover I should be working on. Paul is presently curled up on my feet keeping them warm and I'm happy to just sit here on the couch with my laptop catching up on reading....

Gattina said...

Unfortunately we can't change bad things happening around us. There are still too many uneducated people who never went to school and just listen to what a loud voice says and follow like sheep. Racism is just being ignorant.

24 Paws of Love said...

If you ever do find that magic wand, please let me know, because I'm in desperate need of one myself. BOL!

Bente said...


Liebe Grüße - ♥ Monika mit Bente

john milton said...

Paul is presently curled up on my feet keeping them warm and I'm happy to just sit here on the couch with my laptop catching up on reading....Challenge coins

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