Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spoils of Spring…..



                         There are still those beautiful little traces of spring in the world around us…

Summer’s officially here. There was even that bout of flash rains which everyone has been praying for ever since the dry dust storms carrying sand all the way from the deserts of the middle east reached Delhi and entire northern India in the early parts of April.

These days, the temperatures easily reach 25 degree celsius as early as 6 in the morning.


Naturally, you try and hold on to these beautiful remnants of spring all around you, reminders of fresh dew in the morning and that lovely breeze carrying the smell of wild flowers…






Buddy is limping. It has been four days now since he sprained his right front paw. It started that day in the park when he suddenly decided he wanted to race himself! It was drizzling that evening after a very hot day. We were out getting wet and soaking in the smells of rain.  The weather must have gotten to him because he was quite unstoppable!




I am always very wary about letting him race. He has a weak front paw which he  sprains easily. It has happened twice before this.

My heart breaks when I need to stop him from being his sprightly self. Buddy is so full of life, so eager to jump up and down on all four paws at the slightest reason to celebrate, even when it is just about going for a routine daily walk!!


He seems better today though, his limp showing only after his walk. And he doesn’t seem to be in pain while at home so no medications on a regular basis.

He has had a difficult recovery after his surgery and after the particularly severe allergic reaction to the anaesthetic, I try not to give him any medication unless it is absolutely necessary.

It rained again today evening. Just a little but enough to settle the dust and cool the air…

Though I have a very long list of ‘things to be done this Sunday’, I have a good mind to just let it pass and sleep in…





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Bocci said...

Lovely post and photos-hope Buddy and his paw stay well :-)

Mitch said...

I hope your paw feels better soon, Buddy! Your spring pictures are just beautiful.

Love ya lots,

scotsmad said...

After our unusually wet summer, we thought we'd never want to see rain again. Of course, now we need it.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Mariodacat said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Hope the paw gets better. Poor puppy.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hope your feets are getting better. Nice pictures
Benny & Lily

Lorenza said...

Beautiful spring pictures!
I hope Buddy will be fine!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words and the pictures alongside ooze freshness that Delhi Sun had ceased.

snoopydog said...

We love your pictures of the last remnants of Spring. Hope your paw is better soon Buddy. You are such a sweet boy. Ros and Oscar

Gurgaonflowerplaza said...

Amazing the visit was worth…