Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Where did the last couple of days go?

We remember Sunday and a bit of Monday and that’s about it. Seems like someone pressed the ‘Fast Forward’ button.

Mummy tells us it has something to do with this new job Daddy has joined. Fancy hospital but long, tiring working hours that extend for like forever. We are all trying to adjust to his new routine which is akin to Hitler’s regime rather trying. The good news is Mummy left her earlier job at her fancy hospital and has now opted for a much quieter one. She’ll leave much later than she did earlier and will be back earlier too which means  we won’t starve to death or die of boredom it will compensate for Daddy’s long absence.

Remember those days when we just disappeared from the blogging scene?  Mummy’s long working hours were eating into all our internet time.

Forget blogging, we couldn’t even manage time to check Facebook which we think is ridiculous because the computer is on anyways and facebook is like everyone’s homepage. (Just saying. It isn’t ours yet) Sometimes we get rather curious about this phenomenon. The facebook addiction we mean. What is it all about anyway? Why are you more restless if you haven’t checked your account at least once than if you had just missed catching that fat squirrel in the park?

Dog knows how Mark had jinxed it, but the facebook bug is successfully worming it’s way into everyone’s brains!


Anyways, we were talking of something else. Yeah, Mummmy’s new job.

Like we told you, she’s now in a new hospital which is less busier than the earlier one. Agreed it isn’t as fancy but Mummy doesn’t seem to mind. She says the most important thing is to find time for things that make you truly happy even while you’re working full-time.

We know helping us blog is at the TOP of her list.

For us,it’s not so much about blogging as writing. Putting your thoughts down, you know? Printed or typed or just paper and pen. There’s this itch that goes away only when you’ve pawed down something everyday. Feels really good. Like you feel after you’ve rolled really well on your back on that dead birdie and managed to bring home the stink fragrance. Get our drift? Do you think we have what it takes to pen a book? Should we think seriously about it? Well, everyone’s pawing books these days. Why not us? May be just a small coffee table book. Hmmm….

Talking of paper and pen, did you know we like to jot down what we publish on the net on paper first? The plain old way of writing. We can’t really think over the keyboard. Somehow, words flow better with pen in our paws.




Works well with us. As long as our posts show up on our blog, we don’t care if they actually materialised on paper first.


Cooking. That works for us too. And we know extra hours at home for Mummy automatically converts into yummy dishes!

Well, we just hope she sticks to this job. Life is much easier for us. All the more important because Daddy is working forever now. We get to see much less of him but we are alright because he still takes us out to the park morning and evening. Just that we need to get up much earlier now.

Getting up early in the morning doesn’t seem insane as Mummy says it is. The sun doesn’t grumble about getting up early anymore. In fact, it has taken to beaming right on our faces too early in the morning like those huge halogen lamps cricket stadiums!


Must ask Mummy to pull those curtains at night before she falls asleep.









Buddy, Ginger and Shadow


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Mariodacat said...

Awww your pictures are so cute. Sleepy puppies! So happy your mom will be home more. Dang why do oomans have to work anyway!

scotsmad said...

Sounds like it's been a crazy time! We jot down point form things that we want to cover.

We also do not understand Facebook--we must have the most boring friends and relatives in the world. They just post what they're eating or that they're going to bed....nothing noteworthy!

Patients need good care whether they're in a fancy hospital or not, so if you're relaxed and can take more time to hear them, it has to be good.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

C. Suresh said...

Enjoyed it