Monday, August 9, 2010


Hello Friends,
Buddy here. Before you start all sorts of guesswork and speculations about the title of our blog post today, let me tell you that I had the MOST EXCITING evening of my life yesterday!
Guess, Guess, Guess what……..?
Mummy dressed me and Ginger up and told us we were going some place special.
Hmmmm…..what could that be now?
Food court? Cat shelter? A squirrel home?

Ginger scoffed!
‘It must just be a change of scenery she is referring to, just another park I'm sure. It’s weekend remember?’, she said.

But I was very hopeful. I could sense the anticipation in Mummy and Daddy’s voice.
So off we went, me running from one window to the other and jumping up and down in the back seat of the car, sometimes hitting my head on the roof in my excitement.
But I didn’t care!

We reached a lovely place with pretty yellow and orange houses and…there was a park!

‘See, I had told you. Well it looks good though. Let’s go… ,’ Ginger said.
And off we zoomed out of the car!
But then I heard Mummy tell us that was not our special place.

And then I saw him!!
…..Oh! Is that really really Norm?
And then I saw them all!

There was Norm and Christie and Bethany and Mason and the boys…oh boy! the Boys, my Bestest playmates!And their parents too!

My earlier family! And I had thought they were lost!
Oh Boy! Oh Boy! They are all here! Wait a minute...Where's Austin? Oh, he must be around, I'll sniff him out.

‘Alright, this IS special’, Ginger said, ‘Well, I think I’ll just look around till you have regained your senses, Buddy.’
‘Carry on, carry on Ginger. Oh Boy! I need a drink. Oh well, forget it. They might just disappear again if I go out to get a drink. Better stick around. Oh Boy!
‘Buddy, don’t you want to look around. Plenty of interesting pee-mails, I tell you’, Ginger called again.

By that time I had realised I, indeed, was meeting my original family.
That too after a YEAR!
And since it looked like they weren’t in a hurry to go anywhere, I decided I might as well go help Ginger check the perimeter.
As soon as we both were sure the ground was clear, we played ball and had a whole lot of fun. I can’t tell you how good it felt to meet them all and after such a long time too.
Ginger soon decided we were done with our exploration of the house and our indoor games and should go check that park we told you about earlier.

The park turned out to be a fun place.
Ginger went off on a super long sniffedition with the little bipeds in tow.

But unfortunately for me, she remembered she had her camera with her before I could get away!

My sister and the little Doll who's growning up to be a biped!Mummy please lemme go, I wanna play!

(That's better. You have to say they look jst so adorable together!)

(My brother Mason and Me.Mummy please lemme GO!)

(Finally, Daddy got my point. Wesley can't wait too)

Well, that pool was empty but the grass felt soft and cool

The girls! Ginger was too busy to bother, of course!

(The little doll seems to be having a nice time! You can see daddy in the background explaining the nuances of fair-play)

You can imagine how tired we were by the time we were done. I was just planning to go lie down when Mummy told me we were going home.

Home?…Huh?... which home?
I saw Ginger already in our car, waiting for me. But then there was this other car, my earlier car.

‘Come on BudBoy, get up’, Mummy called.
Which car did she mean now?
Oh Dog! It was really very confusing. I didn’t really want to come back.
But then I got up in the car that Ginger was in and soon we were home…err…Huh…so confusing…

Of course, once inside, I knew exactly what to do.
You gotta march straight to the bath-room and hang out your tongue and drool…I mean reeeelly DROOL.

Mummy would get panicky,‘Ginger and Buddy are too hot!’
Daddy would soon give us a nice cool bath.

And then you gotta lie on the bed listlessly .
Mummy would panic again,’ They must be so hungry, poor babies!’

Mummy never learns and falls for it each time!

We repeated the same routine yesterday too. Butt then, after a nice full meal, I wasn’t willing to play like I always do.
It got Mummy really worried.

Is Buddy upset? Is he missing his earlier family? What do we do now?’, she kept asking Daddy. But Daddy assured her that Buddy was just too tired.

I was very, very tired and of course confused and a little upset too.
But I do love Mummy and Daddy and Ginger and I didn’t want to make them upset too.
I know I should have played a little, Mummy would have known I was alright but I was just too tired fell asleep right where i was sitting!!

Daddy had to almost carry me to bed!

The sun woke up early, smiling brightly but Mummy was still asleep. Like always, I licked her awake.
She knew then that I was alright.
'Oh Darling Boy, You're alright', she hugged me tight.
Silly Mummy. Of course I am alright. Did she think I was going to leave her?
Doesn’t she know? I am a Labradude.
And Labradawgs NEVER brood for long. And we have a very large heart and HEAPS of love in there for all.

She has told me that I now have two families who love me heaps. Yes, my earlier family is back in India and shall be staying close by. Which means, I shall get to meet them again soon.
Sounds very good, don’t you think?

Well, for now I am one HAPPY Labradude! This calls for some celebration.
(‘Hey! Mummy, can I get a bone now? Make it extra-large please.’)


Pee Ess:
Hello friends,
Ginger here. Buddy did seem rather confused and got me a little worried yesterday.
Was he going to chew off the nose of another one of my stuffies? I wondered.
He does that sometimes when he is nervous about something. Like the first few days after he had come to live with us and then now, a few days back when Mummy had gone away for such a long time.

I went and checked on him a number of times last night, even laid down near him to keep him company. Mummy and I sat near him and tried to tell you his story last night but I too was very, very tired and fell asleep half way through. Finally, Mummy gave up too.

Good that she did that, because today we can definitely tell you that Buddy is alright and back to his Happy-go-wagging(-hungry!!) self. He hasn't shown any inclination towards chewing anything he isn't supposed to. And he seems very decided about continuing his usual activities around the house without any signs of sadness or anxiety. Thank Dogness! (You don’t need to worry anymore, Mummy. I think Buddy has truly adopted us)

Like Buddy had said earlier…We Labradawgs NEVER brood for long. And I'm Happy Buddy could meet his earlier family. He must feel content now knowing they are safe and will be around. 


By the way, Buddy did get his bone but a regular one though!


jabblog said...

Fun in the sun - bet the children enjoyed it!

little princess Luna~ said...

im not a huge fan of kids--they pet me too hard and are not as gentle. but they are fun to watch. :)


Sallie said...

What fun! Yay! And what a great looking family! :)

jabblog said...

What a sweet, sweet story. I have to admit I was worried there for a while that Buddy would be leaving you - and I'm so glad he hasn't! It's good to share and he will enjoy seeing his former family but know that his true, forever home is with you :-)
(Aksharaa - be easy on yourself. Time doesn't heal so much as allow acceptance while the pain becomes less sharp. Take care - and if you don't feel like doing something, DON'T - apart from cuddling your husband and Buddy and Ginger, of course. Love and hugs - Janice x )

Maggie Mae said...

What a wonderful story Buddy! I am happy that you was able to spend time with your old family and then go home with your furever family. A win-win situation for you!
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Wow, that was quite the adventure. We haven't known you long enough to know about this other family, but maybe we need to go back to some older posts and learn about this other family. It must be nice, Buddy, to have two families that love you so much.

Mom says we will try to do True Colours again soon. Right now things are very hectic and we may not be able to blog or comment for a bit. But we will try. We did it for a while last year and it was fun.

Phantom is doing OK, he is healing nicely but he is not eating very well. Mom is trying everything but he is a very stubborn boy. Thanks for asking about him.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Mr. Pip said...

It is so nice you were able to visit with your first family. I imagine it was a little confusing for you! Glad you are home safe and sound with your forever family.

Your pal, Pip

houndstooth said...

Buddy, I'm glad you got to visit your old family, but VERY glad that it was only a visit! I think you belong with Ginger and Mummy and Daddy. I don't know all the details of what happened before, but I do know that no matter where Mom and Dad go, they'll take all of us with them.

Blueberry has met her former family before and she really didn't like it much. She felt nervous and anxious until Mom brought her back to the car and took her home. I'm not sure how Morgan would feel about seeing her old family. She seems pretty attached to all of us!


Mariodacat said...

Oh My C - what a great blog you have and such a wonderful story. I was just doing the blog hop, so hopped on over to your blog. So happy I did. I'll be following you now.

♥MONA + MOMMY TOO♥ said...

Oh Buddy!! What a wonderful reunion you had with your old family. Now you have two families that love you. Wow!!You are so lucky.

It was sweet of Ginger to lay with you and make sure you were Ok. What wonderful sister you gots.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It sounds kind of like our story of Sam...Like Buddy Sam has 2 families that he loves, but one that is his forever family...

Lola said...

Franklin and I talked about this - because we both have previous families, too. We think we'd be pretty confused, at least at first. I guess if you see them from time to time it'll all fall into place and you'll think of them as favoritist friends and that can be great, but in the meantime it could be most confusing.

lotsa licks, Lola

Chewy said...

Kids rock! it looks like you guys had tons of fun!


Lorenza said...

Sure you all had a pawesome time there with the family!
I can understand you did not want to come home!
Thanks for sharing it!
Kisses and hugs

the booker man said...

oh, wowsers! that was so much excitement for one day!! how super duper cool that you got to meet your earlier family again, buddy! they look like a grrreat pack. i gotta woof, though, i'm glad you are with your mama and daddy and miss ginger cuz you totally complete their pack! i'm glad you are back to your wiggly waggly labradude self! miss gin-gin, you were a sweet girl to make sure your brother was a-okay, too. :)
the booker man

Teddy Bear said...

How cool that you got to see your first family, Buddy. I bet everyone loved it.:)

Teddy Bear

Priscilla said...

I never knew Buddy was adopted.
He must have been happy to see his old family, but don't worry, he still knows who his family is now.
When we adopted Hana, her previous owner would come to visit some times to help us and teach us some stuff and although Hana was happy to see her, she never wanted to follow her home. That told us that Hana knew whom her loyalties lay with.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Wow - you sure do look exhausted, Buddy! We're glad you got in the right car! Imagine Ginger and your mom and dad without you?! What an exciting day!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

scotsmad said...

Buddy, what a great day. AND it looks like there may be more to come......two families, lucky dog! Even if it is a bit confusing at times.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

You sure looked exhausted sleeping in the chair!

Anonymous said...

Y'all MUST be BEAT! I would have zonked in the chair too Buddy.

When my parents took me back to the Humane Society for a visit (they promised they would when they adopted me), I was a bit nervous too.

But, when I got back in the car and went home, REALLY GOOD FEELING!

Tail next time,

Cocorue said...

wow, what fun and i must visit more often ( err, or should i change my assistant????)