Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Morning Pawdventure!

      The phone woke Mummy early on Sunday morning. She grumbled and resolutely tucked her head back into the blankets.

Mummy is a determined late riser and it is ALWAYS up to me to lick her awake. Every morning I wake up at 6:30 AM sharp but don’t disturb her till it is 7 AM. I know she likes her morning nap.

It was not yet 7 and I was still groggy from staying up late last night.

Daddy picked up the phone finally.

’It’s Sonu’s Mom’, he said.

Mummy was instantly awake and rushed to get ready to go out.

I was intrigued. Mummy up so early on Sunday morning? And Sonu? Who’s that now?

I went out to the garden and checked the gate. No, no one was out there. I couldn’t smell anyone new. Only Sheru, the smug Persian cat who lives next door. Now, could mummy be mistaken? Did she mean Sheru after all? This time I asked Buddy to go double check. But no, no one was there, he reported back.

Mummy told us we were going to a place called the Agriculture University to meet Sonu.

And guess what? Sonu turned out to be a 9 months old Labrador retriever!

A Pup!

She was so excited to meet me and Buddy, running around like crazy. Her mom told Mummy this is the first time Sonu is meeting other labs.

Really! No wonder she doesn’t know much about the lab- world.

           (Me lying down, Buddy in the Blue collar and Sonu in the Black collar.
                 Mummy, wearing red spectacles, with Sonu's Mom)

                                    (We found a chameleon but Mummy won't let us chase it!GRrr...)

I am relieved and proud of Buddy actually. I was a little worried considering Sonu is a pretty nice smelling girl. But then Buddy was such a Proper-GentleLab. He decided the garden was far more exciting than this little energized girl!
And of course, we all had a lot of fun.

Everyone tends to misunderstand Buddy initially. He is huge, you see, and always has his hackles raised whenever he meets someone new. People tend to think he is aggressive.

Mummy tells me he does that because he is wary of the new smells and doesn’t know how to hide his feelings. Which is alright because hiding is something people do and not Dawgs. Besides, it’s alright to be wary because not every Dawg(for that matter, person) wants to play with you. Say, for example, the skinny-furry stray who always growls when I ask him to play. Buddy doesn’t take it lightly when someone growls at me. He chases him to the far corner of our colony.

Now, I sometimes feel a little bad. It is because of his raised hackles and defensive instincts that people label him aggressive.

Aggressive? Buddy is the best behaved Lab-Boy I know, never snappy, always gallant and forever fun! I do feel a little jealous when Mummy and Daddy hugs Buddy all the time. But then, I know he is the Best Friend I have and I will stand by him.

Mummy says people cannot understand ‘trust’ and ‘loyalty’ like we Dawgs do. And that is the reason they get scared of him. And that we need not lose fur worrying about it.

She is right. I don’t, anymore, ask to play with someone (2 legged or 4) who doesn’t like us both.

And believe me, I always know…..

Buddy has taught me a lot about these ways of the world. Mummy says I’m maturing, whatever that means….

        Licks and Hugs,


SGR said...

Woof! Woof! Hi There. Thanks for visiting my blog n welcome in Dog Blogging. Good to meet you n follow through your adventures. Hope you do visit my blog again n be a follower (easier for me to track my Dog Blog Friends). Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Lola said...

Hi. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, too. I too hope we'll be friends. I've become a follower of your blog so I can track what you and Buddy are doing. Welcome to the dog blog world. It's about the friendliest place in the universe. I've only been here around a month and already have a zillionty great friends. And it's almost more fun than chasing squirrels. Almost.

wags, Lola