Saturday, September 28, 2013



There are these little pockets in various corners in our city. Peaceful, happy places where you find flocks of pigeons that have made there homes in those public places so permanently that they serve as a landmark.

You could easily say, Oh! Take a right at the intersection where you see this large flock of pigeons!’


Delhi City Tour (1)


Sunset picture


I love these places. I feel they are perfect examples of little bits of sanity left in our otherwise frantic city lives. And of kindness.

The birds are there because people come and feed them. Different people from different walks of life. If you stop and watch you’d find the humble street vendor sharing a bit of his food with them, a student busily walking past munching on a snack stopping to drop some for the birds even while busy on the cellphone; or a well-dressed person in a fancy car generously feeding them a large bag of grains!


Delhi City Tour (4)


Honestly I have never fed these birds. I don’t know why, nothing against them. I suppose it is just that I am too much of a dog person. I always carry biscuits in my car for the strays and an empty bowl in summer to give them a drink of water or milk but I have never fed the birds.

Oh! The more I think about it, the more I feel I should.


Delhi City Tour (3)


This post is an entry for ‘ABC Wednesday’. K is for KINDNESS. Please run over HERE for more ‘K’s


P. S.:  Note from Ginger, Buddy and Shadow – Honestly woofing, we are on a love hate relationship with pigeons. As long as they stay away from OUR balcony and are perched on other people’s, we love watching them. But we hate it when they come and mess up ours! You’d understand what we mean if you just go check out this post HERE!




Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We love chasing pigeons....well, any bird really...

Those pictures look like scenes from Hitchcock's 'The Birds'.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Leslie: said...

Awesome post!

abcw team

Pat said...

Those birds on wires remind me of a sheet of music, with all the notes on the lines. I wonder what tune they'd be playing?
How much is that doggy (on the balcony) perhaps? :)

Unknown said...

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~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Friends! I am so glad I didn't miss this post! To start, I love the quote for your comments--It goes without saying how I feel about you all!! ♥♥

Second, I would feed the dogs too. The birds can fly away to another place and find refuge and food but dogs are not always that lucky as you well know.

magiceye said...

I agree!! Woof!!


ArjunaUbacha said...

I am a dog lover and had a dog for several years before it passed away. I could never reconcile to keeping any other pet. However, there is a negative impact of feeding feral dogs. It impacts our wildlife and birds. You may check this link to know the negative impact of feeding feral dogs:

Roger Owen Green said...

Kindness is underrated.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Paresh Kale said...

Pictures reminded me of cartoon by Pixar "For the birds"