Saturday, April 6, 2013

To leave or not to leave….


Two days ago, Buddy left home.
Well, alright! At least he tried to. Staging a walk out he stood rock still at the main door, refusing resolutely to give in to any and all sorts of coaxing and cajoling. And he just absolutely refused to talk to mummy for the rest of his life. But then the rest of one's life is a long, long time and you can't go about life not talking with someone for that long. So Buddy called off his protest at evening snack time and promptly went back to sulking thereafter.

' I don't want to live in a place where my nose gets unceremoniously sprayed with smelly medications, my eyes get tortured with drops that sting and bitter tablets get shoved down my throat. Such indognities!', he protested.

For most parts of the day today, Bud stayed away from everyone napping alternately under the bed and his favourite corner, under the dinning table.

bud table den


It's the march allergies. Mummy has been sneezing and coughing a lot too. She sounds so much better today morning-not croaky, though not entirely herself - and even looked rather pleased with what she saw on the mirror. Must be something to do with the red dress she was wearing because it made her pale, tired face look healthier!

Buddy reacts mightily to the allergens that the air brings this season. It has been the same for the last four springs that he has been with us. Itchy paws n ears, extra wax in his ears, red swollen eye lids, chin acne and shedding,  shedding and some more shedding! So much so that his beautiful thick fur appears patchy and we collect enough every season to knit ourselves at least three warmers!

We never go to the groomers. Mummy makes it her supreme business to brush us down to our skins, deprive us of our defenses ( she calls it nail trimming. Daddy aids her there.She once made Ginger squeal while cutting her nails so she's now paranoid. But that doesn’t deter Daddy. That and the baths. It's Daddy's task to 'scrub us down and make us shine! ), brush our teeth as if it was some marble floor she was polishing and not ....errr....our teeth.


bath 6








shad bath

Ever since spring came by our grooming sessions are getting far too close together. We don’t mind the ear cleaning part. In fact we wish she would do that more frequently. That and brushing our fur. But poor Buddy is completely freaked out from all the extra poking and prying!

Mummy says it's for the best. Bud's only getting a maintenance dose of anti allergic medication. No steroids orally and she's trying her level best to keep it that way. Lots of holistic care, grooming, soya and cod liver oil supplements, nutritious food and loads of hugs should get him through the season without too many drugs

He seems much better than last week. The fur on his paws is growing back, his acne is almost gone and he is less itchy. But he still talks with mummy only grudgingly and often turns and gets under the bed even if she just tries to hug him. Poor mummy….


Bud n me 2



Shadow and Ginger


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Karen and Gerard said...

It's tough giving pets medicine. Sounds like it's working though. It seems the moms always get this job, doesn't it?

Annie & Pauls Mom said...

Poor Buddy! Annie goes through the same thing this time of year with all of the flowers and grass in bloom. She's not fond of the baths either,Buddy. Just hang in there, hopefully the allergies will fade fast!
The Mom, Annie, Paul, and the Hubbs

scotsmad said...

Hopefully, allergy season will be over soon. We certainly hope so. You'll be back to snuggling mummy soon.

We think if you did run away, you'd be much more itchy.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Molly The Wally said...

Meds, grooming, nail clipping......spells hell on earth to us. Don't even mention ears? We don't like any of that stuff and we hate the furminator. Well done mum getting you all fit for Spring. Hope mums allergies are better today. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Lovable Lily said...

We hate allergy season! Its just starting up again for us here in Florida. I'm itching, licking and scratching and my eyes are watering like crazy. What's a dog to do! Mommy has been giving me Benedryl which seems to help but makes me very sleepy. It will be over soon, I hope! Hang in there Buddy. We're thinking of you!

Lily Belle

the booker man said...

buddy, dude, i feel your pain!! the allergifications are after me, too! i have to keep gettin' my ears cleaned out, and i am sooooo itchyyyyy and have the sneezles. mama 'n daddy gave me a lavender bath last saturday, and that felt really super good. (but don't woof that to them!) hope you are feelin' the betterment soon!

the booker man

Mitch and Molly said...

Mom just read all kinds of good stuff about coconut oil to help with itchies. You might want to check that out, Buddy, and we hear that the stuff is yummy to eat! It sounds like a win-win to us! Mom is going to look for it for us.

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Dougall-the-Scottie said...

Medicines suck, but I guess the peep is just trying to help you...

Poochie Mama said...

What a great blog :) I love that you don't 'outsource' the dog grooming. I too have been thinking about the millions of stray dogs in India, and it breaks my heart. I'm not sure where to even begin to address that problem. Luckily, in Australia, we don't have such an issue but then, that's probably because most of the stray dogs are caught by animal control, put into pounds and then euthanised if they can't be adopted out.

2 Punk Dogs said...

Sorry to hear that Buddy has allergies too! Maggie has itchy paws too. :(

Nisheeth K said...

Nice !!