Monday, July 2, 2012



The other day, my friend Janice from JABBLOG with her post on something green made me instantly think of this picture. And it has been stuck in my mind ever since!

Strange how the mind works!
This isn’t a recent picture, neither taken on any special day nor do I consider it a particularly difficult and interesting subject to capture.
But this was the image that I instantly thought of when I read ‘GREEN’! I rummaged through my untitled folders filled to the brim with unedited photographs and was just so satisfied when I could finally find it.

Heaven knows why!
I mean there are just so many lovely subjects that I had experimented with that were green. And various beautiful shades of the colour too.

Guess it has something to do with the vibrancy that comes across in this particular one.
I had taken this one fine spring morning in the nearby park in the middle of walking Ginger, Buddy and Shadow. They were busy chasing spring butterflies, squirrels, lizards and numerous little insects I don’t know anything of! It was a beautiful happy day and this particular green just seemed to scream out ‘Spring’ out loud.

It is indeed a lovely, happy, fresh shade of green. Somehow it makes me think of a glass of chilled refreshing lime juice!

Talking of which I really need to go get one. It is 43+ degree Celcius outside and the rains are still playing foul. The drive back from work promises to be hot and humid in spite of all the air-conditioning inside.

Just in case all my 'GREEN talk has made you think of your own Green picture or has left you craving for more 'Greens', please do go visit 'Rainbows and Daisies'


Fiona said...

Good morning to you from a very wet wet wet Ireland.

It was lovely to see you post on my blog but just to let you know that the Green link up is not closed for another 3 hours.

I don't know if you would like to link up today or wait until Friday when it starts again at 9.00am Irish time.

It is great fun and you will get lots of visitors to your blog.

If you would like to link up today the link is

if not looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

Have a good week.


Fiona said...

Well hi there again!

So glad that you decided to link up.

YOur photo is beautiful.

I love green it is so fresh and alive.

Off now to have a read of your blog.

I hope the weather where you are is better than here!!!

Wishing you a good week.

Fiona x

Cloudy said...

Gefällt mir sehr gut...


Molly The Wally said...

Yes a lovely fresh feeling. Have a happy Monday!
Best wishes Molly

sexta-feira said...

That's such a nice picture! I can almost feel a light breeze on my face and the smell of freshly cut watermelon!

scotsmad said...

Such a vivid green.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Lorenza said...

The picture is pawesome!
That tone of green is so beautiful!
We are having the same temps here... ewwwww!
Have a great week!
Kisses and hugs

jabblog said...

Beautiful, Geeta - it is a very refreshing, mouth-watering green:-)