Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Art for Art’s Sake

shadowshot bottle

Awaiting Expression’

For more ‘Shadow Shots’ please go visit Harriet’s beautiful meme ‘SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY’.



Gemma Wiseman said...

So very creative! A very interesting symbol of art in waiting!

Adore your header of the sands! Very beautiful!

But the real surprise was your dog Shadow! We have a grey Persian cat named Shadow who is now about 5 years old! (Not sure on age because she walked in and adopted us! No one claimed her and she seemed to claim no one!)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful images...a touch of warmth in a cold and cruel winter.

Kelly said...

I love your Shadow Shot! Simple yet beautiful.

Mariodacat said...

Very mice and very creative.

Anonymous said...

Fury creative!

woos, Tessa