Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shadow’s under the weather …

shadow sick 

Shadow isn’t feeling very well today. Bit of a runny nose and lethargy. Not much, but he is such an active pup it shows even when he is a tad lazier than usual. And of course Mummy is worried sick.
Mummy always worries her head off at the slightest hint of anything unusual in any of us pups. Seriously, sometimes she makes me think she suffers from paranoid delusions and anxiety disorder!
I mean we are happy, healthy and in relatively good shape. A little cold here and a slight tummy upset there can happen to anypuppy. Does she have to get all strung up and lose fur worrying incessantly?
Anyway, Shadow is just a little off and that’s it. He wasn’t very excited about his breakfast but with a little coaxing he ate it all. Our usual Chicken and rice. And then the usual rawhide treat.
Normally he would insist on playing afterwards but today he just curled up and went to sleep even before Mummy left for work. And that definitely means he isn’t himself.
It must be the weather. Rain, sun, rain and then some more sun. Plays havoc with the humidity content.
Oh! Please don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining about the weather. We are all quite enjoying the Monsoon.

park 2 


Last evening we even got to get wet in the rain and play in some muddy puddles, though not to our heart’s content. We were only just beginning to enjoy the rain when Mummy bundled us all up and rushed us back home before it poured cats and dogs.
Terrified one of us might catch a cold, I’m sure!
By the way, I’m always confused about why you say it rains ‘cats and dogs’. How many of you have actually seen dogs and cats littering the streets after a heavy downpour?
Yesterday we found just one pup named Nicky in the park and I’m quite sure she didn’t come down with the rain.
For one, she had her human on the other end of the leash and two, she told us she lived just across the street and would like to come and play with us sometimes.
I hope to Dog that doesn’t happen!
She is such a silly little pup she’s sure to spoil all our games. Yesterday she went all crazy running into us and the trees and bushes and over herself, jumping all over us three and Mummy and Daddy, tripping and falling flat on the ground.
In my opinion she made a real fool of herself!

Shadow explicitly told her to keep off but she didn’t seem to get a hint till he growled his displeasure. Even then she kept jumping all over me. I firmly ignored her, resolutely turned my back on her and in all possible ways tried to drive home the point that her antics were most unladylike and I wasn’t quite amused. But to no avail!

Buddy on the other paw went all gaga over her! It was a relief in a way when she left me alone to race him across the park.
For some inexplicable reason Mummy thinks she is terribly cute. And that I was almost as silly and bouncy as Nicky as a pup.
I Ginger, Diva-dog, epitome of grace, elegance and impeccable manners was a silly little pup? Why, the idea is disdainful!
But Mummy says she has evidence. Photographs, videos.
Well, we shall see. These things can be morphed as far as I’m aware.


Mariodacat said...

Oh no - poor Shadow. Unfortunately, I couldn't read your post because the blue on top of grey is very very hard to read (or maybe it's just me). I really hope whatever is wrong with Shadow that he gets well soon.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Shadow, I am so, so sorry to read that you're not feeling well--I hope by the time your Mom reads this to you, that you're feeling better. Until she does, we're sending ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ HEALING THOUGHTS!!*´¨)

bbes tribe said...

Thanks for visiting us. We enjoy visits from friends and new friends. Sorry to hear Shadow isn't feeling well. We will keep paws crossed and good thoughts that he improves soon.
Ernie and the rest of the pack